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Dyosa travel tips

Anne Curtis (Photo by Bhenj Agustin)

Anne Curtis (Photo by Bhenj Agustin)

If Anne Curtis is at the airport and you see an aqua blue baggage on the carousel, give her a tap on the shoulder and point it out because it’s probably hers.

“I like mine bright colored because everyone has black or gray,” said she a.k.a. Dyosa to her friends and fans.

“My luggage is gasgas na gasgas na but it’s okay with me. They say na the more gasgas na gasgas your maletas are, it shows how well traveled you are.”

Traveling for leisure? Anne does that a lot with her boyfriend, Erwan Heussaff. Weeks from now they’d be off to Burma “just before it gets too touristy there.”

And while many would mouth off cellphones and wallet as top travel essentials, hers are a good book, camera and running shoes.

“We take the train and bus when we travel so a good book is essential for downtime para you don’t get bored. DSLR naman for the pictures because if you’re gonna visit a waterfall or go to the beach, you’d need that.

“Running shoes I always bring because that’s how I discover a town, by jogging around the vicinity and interacting with the locals.”

Ever fashionable and health conscious, her summer kikay kit consists of sunscreen, deodorant, lip balm and hair oil. She also sees to it that she has slippers, a white collar shirt, a small hairpin and a black dress in tow, in case something comes up.

“I’m a spontaneous traveler, an adventurer. Erwan and I like to go places we’ve never been through. I love seeing different cultures,” Anne said.

The actress is the new endorser of luggage brand American Tourister whose products she’s been using even before joining the corporate family.

“It’s strong and light luggage. That’s important because you don’t have a yaya when you travel so it’s you pushing it around,” said she, who is a fan of the brand’s hardy yet light and so fashionable Vivolite collection, which also comes in lemon, hot pink and navy.

Has she ever lost luggage during a trip? “No, never!” she said, knocking on wood. “That’s why I have bright colored luggage so I see it right away and then, okay, you never get left behind.”

Smart girl, seasoned traveler.