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2013 top gadgets, newsmakers

This year was full of surprises and all the major tech industries are giving it their all. Almost all of the devices are headturners that got people drooling over them for their innovation or major overhaul from the previous models. We’ve selected 12 uber-hi-tech devices that shook the crazy tech world from January to December 2013.


BlackBerry Z10• January 

BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry’s biggest attempt for a comeback. It’s the first device to run on the BlackBerry 10 platform, and while many popular apps like Instagram weren’t available at that time, the Z10 gained continued support from the use of BBM. It sports a 1280×768 screen resolution, 2GB RAM, and 1.5GHz dual-core processor. The Z10 was announced alongside the BlackBerry Q10, which followed the traditional physical keyboard with touchscreen features.



• February

Google GlassGoogle Glass

The Google Glass hasn’t been released to the public yet. But it did make some noise in the past, raising privacy concerns as people can record things without anyone else knowing. The device has been banned in several areas already, including Las Vegas as it could pave way for a means of cheating. So far, the Google Glass was used in a surgical procedure. Google are in the talks with sunglasses brands like Ray Ban to make Google Glass more fashion trendy.


HTC One• March


HTC smartphones need more love. The One+ and the One X+ had bragging rights of being spectacular Android smartphones. When the HTC One came out, jaws dropped, as this device had a simpler yet unique design. Speakers were placed in front of the smartphone, giving it a boost in the Beats-powered audio. It’s Zoe, the smart camera feature, features 4 “ulltrapixels” that amps the low-light photo shooting.



Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

• April

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung has been pretty aggressive with their smartphones, and they continue to release newer devices for all target markets. But what really took people off their seats was the anticipation of the Galaxy S4 flagship device. It comes ready with enhanced features, improved specs sheet, and a better design. Along the S4 line, Samsung released the S4 Zoom, which is a camera-phone hybrid, and the S4 Active, a waterproof smartphone. Just recently, the Samsung Galaxy J has been released in Taiwan and Japan, it’s said to boast a specs sheet that combines the best of the S4 and the Note 3. There are also some rumors that due to the S4’s sales, Samsung is pushing for an immediate release for the Galaxy S5, so hopefully we can expect some news early in 2014.


Jabra Motion

Jabra Motion

• May

Jabra Motion

There had been a lot of interesting Bluetooth headsets as of late. But what was interesting was Jabra’s take on their Motion device. It’s sleek and simply gorgeous. The device automatically answers your calls when you pick it up and place it on your ear. Its voice commands had fared better than previous devices but the Motion sparked some new good things we can expect in the near future.



Sony Vaio Duo 13• June

Sony Vaio Duo 13

It’s no surprise that Sony knows how to impress during a red carpet event. The Duo 13 is a major improvement compared to the previous model, lighter, and boasts higher-performing specs. It’s got a better keyboard, a SIM card slot for 3G usage. But what really took the spotlight was Intel’s latest processor, boosting battery life up to a whooping ten to fourteen hours.


Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020

• July 

Nokia Lumia 1020

Every Lumia flagship so far always had a knack for excellent camera features. It was about time that Nokia decided to take it to the mile when they’ve released the 41MP PureView technology camera-phone, the Lumia 1020. It takes fantastic photographs, especially under low-light resolutions, and this device alone gives reason to have a Windows Phone device.



• August


We want it bigger and better. And each time we toss in that DVD or Blueray, we are hoping to experience the sensation of being in front of the big screen again. 4K television is making that happen. We actually get the see the pores of our favorite actors on screen – well, not really, but the clarity is indeed groundbreaking. Albeit expensive, but we believe once the 4K hype settles down, there will be more budget-friendly (with maybe, not as perfect quality) TVs to pop out. We hope.


iPhone 5s and 5c• September

iPhone 5s and 5c

People went crazy when Apple announced that there will be two new Apple devices. The upgraded iPhone 5, the 5s steps up the game with a fingerprint scanner called the Touch ID. The technology certainly hooked a lot of people, while the 5c gained impression as Apple’s more “budget-friendly” iPhone, with a specs sheet that doesn’t disappoint, has managed to gather a huge fan base on its own. Owners of iPhone 5 don’t really need the upgrade, but for first-time iPhone users will experience first class service.


iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display• October

iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display

Apple made their biggest announcement on October, and it’s no question the best looking iPad tablet is the iPad Mini. Apple played it safe here and based the newest iPad from the little version. It received much praise and was claimed as the true successor to the iPad 2. It’s thinner and lighter, which is where the “Air” in its name comes in. While the iPad Mini received a valuable update, some slight improvement hardware, but the biggest change was the inclusion of the Retina Display, which basically makes the screen super clear.


PS4/Xbox One• November

PS4/Xbox One

The newest game consoles have finally come out and took the community by storm. It’s hard to tell which device is better, as both of were fully armed to the teeth – near-realistic graphics, and with machines this powerful, we can expect some high-powered gaming experience in the near future. What we can say when choosing between consoles, is to check out the console-exclusive games. That’s where the real war between the two is being settled.


Asus Transformer Book T100• December

Asus Transformer Book T100

Asus recently released this device as a means to reach out for budget-conscious consumers. Not all devices has to be spectacular in performance in everything. Some people just need a handy-dandy device to work with, and this is where the Transformer Book T100 comes in. The keyboard is detachable, adding mobility. It runs Windows 8.1 just fine, along with other lighter apps like iTunes.