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6,300 regain citizenship

Manila, Philippines — Natural-born Filipinos who have become citizens of other countries are required to take an oath of allegiance before Bureau of Immigration officials to regain their Philippine citizenship, Immigration Commissioner Siegfred Mison said yesterday.

Mison said the solemn oath-taking rites have become more meaningful as the nation celebrates its 116th independence anniversary tomorrow.

He said the BI holds daily oath-taking rights to make it easier for Filipinos applying to regain their Philippine citizenship as dual citizens.

Under the Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003, a natural-born Filipino who has become a citizen of another country could regain Filipino citizenship upon taking an oath of allegiance.

A petitioner may take his oath of allegiance before the BI Commissioner or BI legal officers.

As of June this year, more than 6,300 applications were approved by the BI.

During the oath-taking rites, the petitioner takes the oath before the Philippine flag and a BI official. (Jun Ramirez)