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Chinese couple shot by motorcyclists

A Chinese couple was injured after assassins shot them while they were inside their vehicle in Pasay on Saturday.

The male victim was hit in the chest and arm while his partner was hit in the head and the back. Authorities are still reviewing video footages caputred from a nearby Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) to identify the criminals or at least the motorcycle they used to ambush the couple.

The victims were traveling along Andrews Avenue near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport when their path was blocked by the suspects to shoot them.

Other passengers inside the vehicle were not hurt.

A representative from the Chinese Embassy visited the couple to determine what assistance they require as they supposedly speak only Mandarin. (Rizal Obanil)

  • johnny wang

    Let better sense prevail instead of beating up and shooting at outsiders who have no grudge or ill feelings towards the locals. Only cowards act in this way. This is to put it mildly the work of some lunatics and crazy minds on motorcycles.

  • Guest


    • ram lee

      ENGOT ka DIHA “guest” stupid ka man doy ..mga intsik na umalis sa MAINLAND CHINA ay galit din sa COMMUNIST CHINA. Tignan natin ano mangyayari pag nag PULLOUT ng INVESTMENTS ang SM Henry Sy at iba pang mga Intsik na tinutukoy mo. Ikaw ano nagawa sa PINAS, nakapagbigay kaba ng maraming trabaho sa mag tao at nakatulong ka ba sa pagpapakain ng maraming pinoy sa Pinas. Hindi lahat ng intsik ay umaayon sa Mainland China. Lalong galit din ang mga Intsik na ayaw ng bumalik sa Mainland. bugok ka… RACIST..ikaw ba nagbabayad ng TAX sa gobyerno natin,? magkano? ikumpara mo sa TAX na binabayad ng mga intsik na sinabi mo .. at Iho “guest” ikaw ba ay ngababayaG ng TAX ha!

      • maribojoc

        ang tanong ay hindi kung magkano ang binabayad na “tax” ninyong mga intsik sa pilipinas kundi kung tama kaya ang binabayad ninyo kumpara sa kinikita ninyo ? Isa pa, tama kaya at makatao ang tingin ninyong mga intsik sa aming mga kababayan na nagtatrabaho sa inyo? Ito po ay tanong lang kasi mukhang marunong po kayo Mr Lee!

        • ram lee

          Your question is valid. I got your point, mayroon tayong sangay sa gobierno na makapagtitibay sa mga inilahad mo, di lang sa mga intsiks kasama na rin ang ibang lahi at gayun din ang ibang kababayan na lumalabag sa batas. I’m only pointing out sa comment ni “Guest” na “SHOOT ALL CHINKS IN THIS COUNTRY”. Comments like this shows what kind of character the people of his kind are made of. If you think he is right then so be it. But for me his comments brings out the monster in him. Does “Guest” represents the people of the PHILIPPINES?

  • bartverano

    Chinese mafia hit?