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  • Plate Palette (Color my plate!)

    Plate Palette (Color my plate!)

    Eating healthy is not just about counting calories and observing proper meal timing. The type of food and the nutrients we get from them are also essential in getting optimum nutrition. We get nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and…

  • Work out in style

    Work out in style

    Even in gyms and dance studios, women are dressing up as if they’re going on a catwalk.    The newest adidas by Stella McCartney collection does exactly that.  Reminiscent of the authenticity and energy found in earth’s natural surroundings,…

  • How to manage intestinal flu

    Q: Last week, I had diarrhea, which our company doctor diagnosed as intestinal flu. I got well after two days without any medications but with liberal fluid intake. What is intestinal flu? Is its cause the same as that…

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  • Shop like a hollywood momma

    Shop like a hollywood momma

    Golden Globe awardee and Oscar nominee Amy Adams shops here for baby essentials. Actress Lindsay Price and husband celebrity chef Curtis Stone also regularly drops by. Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet have been spotted roaming the aisles. Gwen Stefani’s…

  • What you don’t know can kill your child

    It’s easy to keep kids safe when we can see or know the danger. And there is a host of product out there in the market to aid you in your mission: socket covers to prevent electrocution; child lock…

  • Zit City

    Zit City

    It is hard not to reminisce your teen years without a shudder (or two). Remember that awkward stage when you started to be more conscious about the way you act and look? At this time, the body starts changing,…

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  • The gallery known as Instagram

    The gallery known as Instagram

    Somewhere in the social networking silt of shoddy food pictures and manifestations of dysmorphophobia, one occasionally finds sparkly little gems of refreshingly great value—the work of quiet, often faceless, artists, who use Instagram as their gallery, taking advantage of…

  • A play within a play within a play

    A play within a play within a play

    The play Venus in Fur begins with a familiar premise. After a long day of frustrating auditions and just as a director is about to walk away empty-handed, in pops one more aspirant who’s everything he’d hoped for. Little…

  • Stephanie and the Writing Bug

    Stephanie and the Writing Bug

    You might as well call her Stephanie Perky. Aside from a colorful dress, combat boots, red hair, and even redder lips, bestselling young adult author Stephanie Perkins welcomed this reporter with a wide smile and a warm attitude. In…

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  • Useful guides

    Useful guides

    Let me start with a hopeful prayer that all our readers who experienced typhoon Glenda got through the storm safely. Fashion photography enthusiasts – and there are quite a number judging from the photos this column receives – may…

  • Trying Stuff

    Trying Stuff

    Whatever we do, it always is a good idea to keep trying new things. Doing so opens you up to new possibilities and new points of view. At the very least, you can find out for yourself that you…

  • Maternal instinct

    Maternal instinct

    Photography has become her passion since she first held a camera during her elementary days, taking photos of schoolmates on field trips. Convincing her parents to have her films developed (P200 per roll) was a difficulty. So in her…

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  • Preparing your orchids for the rainy season

    Preparing your orchids for the rainy season

    The rainy season is here and it’s a great relief. Your plants will now be spared from the scorching weather, and will now be freely watered everyday. However, too much rain can also be a disadvantage.  Too much rain…

  • Is your home ‘rain-ready’?

    Extreme weather changes, seesawing from scorching heat to torrential rains, can cause considerable damage to one’s home. That is why it is crucial that we maintain our houses in good condition both during the rainy and dry seasons.  Fully…

  • At home with the past

    At home with the past

    Unless you are a specialist in the styles of decoration associated with different periods it can be confusing to distinguish, or even recognize, the various components that form a particular style. Apart from the interiors depicted in early paintings…

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  • Just Paris

    Just Paris

    What makes Paris, Paris? Is it the impressive architecture? The distinctive cuisine? The sense of art and culture inextricably linked into the Parisian lifestyle? If we take it from the perspective of Patty Laurel who recently took to the…

  • Say it with Denim

    Say it with Denim

    In this day and age, what we choose to wear speaks volumes about us. This is true even when it comes to denims. Don’t you agree? Take bell-bottom jeans, for example. These pants, with their iconic bell-shaped hems, were…

  • Boqueria Chic

    Boqueria Chic

    Aranáz unveils one of their most colorfully chic collections to date with Boqueria, the Resort ‘15 Collection. “This collection is inspired by the markets of Africa, Mexico, Spain, and the Philippines,” shares designer Amina Aranáz-Alunan, who is one-third of…

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  • Versatile chic

    Versatile chic

    Five Designs Atelier founder/designer, and Janilyn head of Research and Development/shoe designer Maxine Santos combines whimsical details and sophisticated pieces that are also functional  I have an appointment with a bride first thing in the morning, together with my…

  • Bodacious beauty

    Bodacious beauty

    Lets face it, Brazilians have proven to be one of the most-coveted beauties in the world, and are the reason why people visit their country (aside from the spectacular beaches). But for Brazilian beauty Daiana Menezes, its the other…

  • High glamour

    High glamour

    The 2013 film adaptation of what is widely considered as American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald greatest work, the 1925 novel The Great Gatsby, follows the high life and exciting times of the main character, mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby, played…

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  • Egghead plant

    Egghead plant

    Not all plants can easily be planted. Some will take time to grow, especially if you have a black thumb. If you want a plant that is easy to take care of, try mung beans (monggo). They grow fast…

  • Watch and wear

    Watch and wear

    I turned 13 recently, but I don’t feel any different now that I am a teenager.  During my last birthday, however, one gift I received made me really happy and excited.  I’m talking about the Loomey Time Watch, which…

  • We can be heroes

    We can be heroes

    Rotary Club of Muntinlupa Central and Museo Pambata honor five young heroes who, despite their age, have already made a difference in their communities. Treasure Frias As junior barangay captain of the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children,…