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  • Prêt-à-Portea


    Lemon biscuits, white chocolate mousses, and blueberry compotes are all set for the annual couture makeover inspired by the world’s top fashion designers, as the Berkeley in Knightsbridge launches its new “Spring/Summer 2014 Prêt-à-Portea” collection. A firm date in…
  • A taste of personalized leisure

    A taste of personalized leisure

    Don’t we all want our own personal ice cream bar now that temperature’s on the rise? This is exactly what you’ll find at the Magnum Manila, located at SM Aura in Taguig City. Peer over a glass-bordered counter to…
  • Kebab, heirloom recipe-style

    Kebab, heirloom recipe-style

    A Singaporean ambassador to the Philippines confided over dinner how his grandfather met and married his grandmother, they walked through villages listening to the pounding of the mortar and pestle as the young maidens of households prepared sambal to…

Well-being More

  • Invigorating Gero

    Invigorating Gero

    In Nagoya, Japan, there’s a hot spring town brimming with brilliant, sparkling waters situated between the Hida river and mountains. It is called Gero, a derivation of kerokero, which, according to a local tour guide, is the sound made…
  • Feel-good food

    Feel-good food

    One of the lines I usually hear from my more athletic interviewees is that they usually eat what they want, “I will burn it off anyway.” Dr. Susan M. Kleiner, author of Power Eating, balks at this statement, however,…
  • A healthy recipe makeover

    A healthy recipe makeover

    Cooking good food is not easy and cooking healthy food is even more difficult. That’s what I’ve heard a lot of people say. The solution? Use more natural ingredients and fresh produce to make your dishes both flavorful and…

Moms & Kids More

  • 6 religious movies your kids will enjoy

    6 religious movies your kids will enjoy

    Hollywood pundits have christened 2014 as the year of God, what with a slew of scripture-based movies—Son of God, Noah, Mary, and Exodus—fruitfully multiplying on the big screen this year. The films are, perhaps, banking on the bankability of…
  • Lessons on Lent

    Lessons on Lent

    True story: When I was eight years old, my brother and I were up to our usual mischief. It was a hot summer day and we were jumping up and down, shouting our lungs out as we did. That…
  • Critical mass

    Critical mass

    I’ve seen it happen several times. I bet so have you. I’m talking about children who misbehave at church: Kids who climb on the pews, play with the kneelers, chase their playmates, talk loudly, wander in the aisles, or…

Arts & Living More

  • Has the e-book revolution reached a plateau?

    Has the e-book revolution reached a plateau?

    A love of books and bookstores runs deep in the sinews of Seattle, where gray skies and drizzle can drive a person to drink, or read, or both. A long-running annual survey ranks Seattle the second-most literate big city…
  • In memoriam, Don Emilio T. Yap (1925-2014)

    In memoriam, Don Emilio T. Yap (1925-2014)

    By whatever measure one adopts, Don Emilio T. Yap achieved success.  He has gained the respect of intelligent men; left the world better than he found it; looked for the best in others and given them the best he…
  • Remember your childhood monster

    Remember your childhood monster

                  Games People Play, a Palanca-winning play by Glenn Sevilla Mas, features theater actors Abner Delina, Thea Yrastorza, and Kalil Almonte. Ed Lacson Jr., who also does the production design, directs it while…

Picture Perfect More

  • A Beginner’s Guide: Photography Sourcebook : Getting Started with Macro Photography (Part 1)

    A Beginner’s Guide: Photography Sourcebook : Getting Started with Macro Photography (Part 1)

    Author’s Note: When the subject matter of “macro photography” started to creep in our previous topic (How to Reproduce Old Photos Fast and Easy), this author dutifully started the tedious work of research and preparation. As I have stated…
  • Visual treasures

    Visual treasures

    Drae Drei Pilarta started off as an artist and a musician in his younger days. In high school, he would shoot plants, animals, people, and landscape with his digital camera then print them out and draw them. Unfortunately, his…
  • Fun shootout

    Fun shootout

    A very entertaining video that features a shootout between two photographers has been uploaded on Vimeo. I am referring to the Gulf Photo Plus 2014 shootout between Sara Lando and Zack Arias ( The Gulf Photo Plus is a…

Home & Garden More

  • Vintage innovation

    Vintage innovation

    If you feel like throwing away used jars and bottles, think twice! There is more to that mundane vessel than meets the eye. You may not know it, but the stuff you perceive as waste or rubbish can turn…
  • Achieving balance

    Achieving balance

    People, especially Filipinos, can be sentimental. To illustrate, most of us often keep things and mementos that have a significant personal meaning for us, like souvenirs and gifts that remind us of certain events. But, when it comes to…
  • A taste for the past

    A taste for the past

    Our eating habits and dining-room etiquette have not always been the epitome of sophistication—quite the contrary. Before Francis I of France introduced forks to the dinner table in the sixteenth century, everyone would try to grab the roasted capon’s…

Fashion More

  • Prince of Beads

    Prince of Beads

    The Philippines’ Prince of Beads, Amir Sali Aluk, showcased his grand collection through a grand, over-the-top show inspired by the Sulu Sea at the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel. Hosted by Amir’s good friend Tessa Prieto-Valdes, who wore…
  • Sweet indulgence

    Sweet indulgence

    One of the world’s most loved—not to mention stylish—ice cream brands, Magnum,  just opened their pop-up store at the fifth level of SM Aura Premier. Hopping from key cities such as Milan, Cannes, New York, and London, it has…
  • Psychedelic celebration

    Psychedelic celebration

    Lilibeth Fernandez Campos recently unlocked her inner diva with a milestone celebration.  The wife of dapper businessman Paqui Campos, the beautiful and talented jeweler threw a psychedelic party and invited family, classmates, and close friends to the shindig at…

Style Weekend More

  • Versatile chic

    Versatile chic

    Five Designs Atelier founder/designer, and Janilyn head of Research and Development/shoe designer Maxine Santos combines whimsical details and sophisticated pieces that are also functional  I have an appointment with a bride first thing in the morning, together with my…
  • Bodacious beauty

    Bodacious beauty

    Lets face it, Brazilians have proven to be one of the most-coveted beauties in the world, and are the reason why people visit their country (aside from the spectacular beaches). But for Brazilian beauty Daiana Menezes, its the other…
  • High glamour

    High glamour

    The 2013 film adaptation of what is widely considered as American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald greatest work, the 1925 novel The Great Gatsby, follows the high life and exciting times of the main character, mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby, played…

Funpage More

  • 5 things to do on Black Saturday

    5 things to do on Black Saturday

    According to my mom, kids before are forbidden to play “fun” games every Black Saturday. When I say “fun games,” I mean those that make you shout, scream, and laugh out loud. The mood, she says, must be kept…
  • Amazing animals

    Amazing animals

    A journal by Bia Gunderson of Rio 2   This is Bia Gunderson completing the first entries in my journal from deep in the Amazon jungle. If a human finds this, my writing will probably look like parrot scratch,…
  • Kids vs parents

    Kids vs parents

    My parents think they are so smart but really, they don’t know a thing. They don’t know that muggle is human in Harry Potter speak or that Andy is the name of the boy in Toy Story. Okay so,…