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BI requires all tourists proof of financial capability to travel

New guidelines designed to stop exodus of undocumented OFWs

From now on, no Filipino travelling as tourist will be allowed to leave the country unless he can show proof of financial capability to travel, proof of work and financial support from benefactors.

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Photo shows travelers lining up at the Immigration counters at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport 1. Under new Bureau of Immigration guidelines, Filipinos traveling as tourists must show proof of financial capability among other things before they could travel. The new order was supposedly designed to address the growing issue of human trafficking and undocumented OFWs. (Photo by Alma Buelva)

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) on Friday issued strict guidelines designed to deter the exodus of undocumented Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs) by making the said blanket requirement for all who travel as tourists.

Bureau of Immigration chief Siegfred Mison said the  Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) assisted the bureau in the formulation of the new procedure.

Mison appealed to Filipino travelers for understanding as they would be inconvenienced by the new procedure aimed at protecting Filipinos from being victims of human traffickers.

Presently, more than 40 suspected illegal workers disguised as tourists are offloaded daily at the Ninoy Aquino Internal Airport (NAIA).

He said the bureau adopted the policy to fight the nefarious activities of human trafficking syndicates

“Undocumented OFWs are prone to abuses by their employers,” he said.

According to Mison it is easy to spot undocumented overseas workers who are posing as tourists because their itinerary are not popular tourist destinations like countries in Middle East.

He said the OFWs pretending to be tourists use Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok and Hong Kong as transit points to their final destinations.


  • bob

    in nearly any country except perhaps n korea one is free to travel and its your own business if while in another country you look for a job. its that other country that issues the work permit or not. if i want to go tomorrow to saudi to look for a job with my american passport i can. i person with a (example) chilean passport can also. why are filipinos reated as slaves (alipin) ?

  • RalphGordon

    I question your competence to implement this, besides the fact that you look ridiculous implementing this. Its double handling,this is not your job, its the job of the border security of the other county to do this before they are allowed to enter their country. Why don’t you tell those country that you mentioned that they are not doing their job properly? I feel like this is just a cash cow for tourists , to get more money and additional fee for this service.

  • Ahna Jacaban Cabalquinto

    hello have a good day,i have to ask something about tourist visa.i had to attend a seminar at CFO then they will gave a certificate only without a sticker,because my visa just a tourist,thats enough without sticker.?

  • daenarys

    Grabe talaga.worst airport

  • Marian Valenzuela Pasternak

    Leave the Pinoy in peace, let them have their stepping stones to go to more greener pastures ika nga, life is a gamble to success or failure, yang magnanakaw ng kabang bayan ang asikasuhin nyo, wala na talagang magawang matino itong mga immigration na ito, ang ayusin nyo yang NAIA ito na ang pinakapangit na international airport sa mundo, kapwa nyo Filipino papahirapan nyo pa, financial means , bakit mayamang bansa ba ang Pilipinas ? susme oo …..nagpaalwa na nga ng visa ang Japan to promote tourism , hihigpitan naman nitong mga Over acting na IM

  • Daisy

    so kung may 50,000php ka na pocket money pwede ka na makalabas ng bansa kahit wala ka legal na work dito sa pilipinas

  • chris tiu

    BI is such a pain in the ass…all i can say is fuccccccccccccck you! bureau of immigration