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Bohol: YOLO!

Move over Tarsier and the Chocolate Hills

Bohol: YOLO!

Photo by Teddy Pelaez

Tourists on high! A trip to Bohol wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Chocolate Hills.

Tourists on high! A trip to Bohol wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Chocolate Hills. (Photo by Teddy Pelaez)

How do you maximize and cram activities in a tourist destination with a lot to offer like Bohol province given a limited 48 hours of stay? You do YOLO!

‘You only live once’ or YOLO is a popular hashtag and motto in the virtual world.  It encapsulates the celebration of life and the idea of indulgence on food, culture, leisure, or extreme activity. And Bohol offers good reasons to do YOLO.

The beautiful and scenic natural wonders, rich culture, diverse food choices, extensive nature activities, and warm accommodation are part of a Bohol trip itinerary.

For first-time visitors, the tenth largest island in the Philippines offers its pillars of tourist activities and spots that put Bohol on the world map – the Tarsier, butterfly farm, iconic Chocolate Hills, and various vintage residences and museums, which include the Baclayon Church and Museum, are some of the must-visit places.  The Baclayon Church, which means ‘walking distance’, is the oldest coral cathedral in Bohol established in 1596. These activities and spots have brought thousands of visitors, both local and foreign, to the province.

However, Bohol is not a one-time-visit tourist destination. There is more to it than meets the eye. Here are some YOLO guidelines and itinerary options when in Bohol:


• Do Ecotourism Trips:

Provincial Tourism Officer Josephine Cabarrus shares that Bohol also has nature adventure parks such as the E.A.T. (Extreme Adventure Tour) Danao Park and D.A.T.E. Park (Dagook Adventure Tour Experience), which offer kayaking, rappelling, bungee jumping, canopy and Monkey Bridge walking among others.

Bohol’s natural water environment which is showcased in the Loboc River Cruise gives one the chance to enjoy the lush green wilderness of the town forest while cruising on a boat, indulging on Filipino food, and listening to renditions of local songs.

“Aside from the pillars of Bohol tourism (Chocolate Hills and Tarsier tour), we also promote ecotourism, which is community-based, a two-way tourism promotion. This generates income for the locals while highlighting their indigenous products and hospitability,” Cabarrus says.

• Partake of food, glorious food!

“Bohol province has not yet established a food product that it can call its own unlike Cebu and Bicol, which have Cebu lechon and Bicol Express. But we take pride in our ube kinampay, which has natural sweetness and aroma,” Bluewater Beach Resort Resident Manager Adie Gallagares shares.

The Bluewater Resort in Panglao Island offered an amazing food extravaganza during its recent anniversary bash. Chef Sau Del Rosario and his team prepared Sisig, Brazo de Ube, Maya-maya Mayonesa, Adobo Rice, and Pork Bagnet with Paella.

• And don’t forget the take-home treats!

Despite the lack of an authentic Bohol dish, the province boasts of many souvenir and delicacy shops that offer loads of pasalubong items. They have Bohol t-shirts, Tarsier key chains and stuffed toys, Chocolate Hill-shaped sweets, and variations of ube kinampay.


Experience Boholanos’ hospitality and accommodation

Lastly, a total Bohol experience must include the region’s hospitality. Boholanos are known to be friendly and warm to their guests hence, its capital, Tagbilaran, is dubbed as the “City of Friendship”. Nonetheless, the warmth of the people radiates all over the province.

“Boholanos are very friendly that to some extent they become too prying,” our tour guide, Franz Labad jokes. He adds that a typical Boholano family offers their home-cooked meals during festivals and other significant occasions.

“We welcome strangers, passersby, and close friends and relatives to our houses during fiesta. But usually, the strangers do not get to eat some desserts, only the people who are important and close to the host. Sa dessert nagkatalo,” he says with a laugh.

Bluewater Beach Resort is nestled on a seven-hectare property. You will find here a spa, bar, restaurant,  46 deluxe pool view rooms, four family lofts, three honeymoon villas, and one family villa fit for family or friends on vacation.

Come, re-visit and enjoy what Bohol has in store for you. Bask in the glory of this world-renowned tourist destination and go YOLO!

Adobong Pusit at Kanin sa Buho

Adobong Pusit at Kanin sa Buho (Photo by Teddy Pelaez)

The iconic Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) is endemic to the Philippines. It is also found in Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao.

The iconic Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) is endemic to the Philippines. It is also found in Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao. (Photo by Teddy Pelaez)