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Boxing is better than sex – Rios

The world of Brandon Rios revolves around one thing: boxing.

“I love to hit somebody in the face. To me, it’s better than sex. To me, boxing is better than sex. That’s my orgasm. I f____ love this sport so much,” said Rios during the initial airing of Face Off With Max Kellerman over the weekend as a teaser to his Nov. 24 clash with Manny Pacquiao at The Venetian in Macau.

The show was taped two months ago when Pacquiao and Rios were busy doing the seven-city press tour of Asia and the mainland US.

“I’m here to come out and defeat him. I’m here to do that. That’s my job. Of course, I’m going to ready for him..To me he eats, sleeps, s___ts like me. So to me, he’s just another human being,” added the brash 27-year-old Rios, who is of Mexican extraction.

Rios doesn’t actually have ax to grind against Pacquiao, who has been very diplomatic in his treatment of the promotional aspect of their scheduled 12-round welterweight war.

The most peppery Pacquiao has actually said remains tame and colorless when compared to Rios’ standards.

“I like his style,” said Pacquiao during a teleconference call recently, referring to Rios’ devil-may-care attitude in the ring.

Other than that, Pacquiao, 34, has never said a thing about what he intends to do against Rios.

But the past few weeks, Pacquiao’s fists have been doing most of the talking, beating up a bevy of sparring partners in his General Santos City training camp under Freddie Roach.

Knowing that a loss could signal the end, Pacquiao has vowed to put on a vintage performance in Macau.

Everyone in camp believes his every word.

  • billy franada

    I’ll take sex anytime!

  • Galit sa mga buwaya ng gonyern

    ayaw ka ding ka seks ni Pakyaw pagkatapos mag regla ang mga mata, bunganga at ilong mo Rio de Grande dela Regla. 3 rounds ka lang niya ano!… chooozzz kooohh!

  • Hermie Rivera

    OOoooops, it should read: “Courageos Rio’s views on sex differ with yours and that of Pacman—right Nick? As they say:::when in doubt ask Erika. Sori-mali Po ako.. !!!

  • Hermie Rivera

    Mr. Giongco, your views on sex as pronounced by “Courageos Rios” differ with your own and Pacman’s right Nick? chiz hor