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Bravo, Ms. Earth 2013!

Ms. Earth 2012, Tereza Fajksová, Ms. Earth 2013,  Alyz Henrich, Manila Bulletin

Ms. Earth 2012 Tereza Fajksová turned over the crown to Ms. Earth 2013 Alyz Henrich

I was able to catch one of the most anticipated pageants in the world, Ms. Earth 2013, via live streaming. My friend, ace-photographer Raul Teehankee, personally provided me with the photos I needed. After three weeks of pre-pageant activities where the delegates presented their advocacies to the Filipino people and to the world, the ladies of the most relevant pageant were all excited and energetic in their performance during the coronation night where the new Miss Earth was selected and crowned.

The following candidates survived the first cut during the pre-judging held last Dec. 5 at the F1 Hotel: Miss Austria, Miss Turkey, Miss Korea, Miss Chile, Miss Mexico, Miss France, Miss China, Miss Mauritius, Miss Thailand, Miss Spain, Miss Poland, Miss USA, Miss Philippines, Miss South Africa, Miss Venezuela and Miss Serbia.

After the swimsuit and evening gown competition, the 16 candidates were further pared down to eight finalists and the following were the lucky survivors: Miss Austria, Miss Korea, Miss Mexico, Miss Thailand, Miss Poland, Miss Philippines, Miss Serbia and Miss Venezuela.

The final competition was the question and answer segment after which the following candidates emerged as the lucky and deserving winners of the Miss Earth 2013 competition: Miss Fire was Miss Korea; Miss Water was Miss Thailand; Miss Air was Miss Austria; and Miss Earth 2013 was Miss Venezuela. Congratulations to all the winners!

The finals night was held at Versailles Palace Alabang last Dec. 7. The esteemed panel of judges was Alexandre Rocha, Iza Calzado, Sarah Meier-Albano, Allen Roxas, Jasper Tiu and Cindy Brual of the F1 Hotel.