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Coast watch center to be completed by 2015

The National Coast Watch Center, an inter-agency mechanism which aims to enhance the country’s maritime border security, will be completed by 2015.

Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) commandant Vice Admiral Rodolfo Isorena said the construction of the coast watch center has started last month.

“The target date (of completion) is one year from the start (of construction). It started on April. Hopefully, it will be completed by April next year,” Isorena said.

Government agencies are now looking for strategic areas where the radar stations would be set up. This forms part of the coast watch center that could help deter territorial intrusions.

Isorena said El Nido, Rizal, and Sabang, all located in Palawan, are being considered as among the possible stations for the radar system.

“We are proposing 96 nautical miles range (from the radar station towards the sea). At least it can cover 200 EEZ (exclusive economic zone),” he said.

The project costs $18 million or about P792 million. It covers support integration of data from various agencies in the coast watch center, maritime surveillance system, and radio communications.

The U.S. -based company Raytheon bagged the contract to build the coast watch center.

Isorena said the coast watch center will help the PCG in monitoring the entry of foreign vessels carrying weapons of mass destruction.