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Comelec seeking new technology for 2016 polls

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has asked its Advisory Council to give its recommendation on what technology to use for the May, 2016, polls by next month.

“What we asked them is to give us the recommendation on or before mid-August,” Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes said in an interview.

Under the Poll Automation Law, the Council is tasked to recommend to the Comelec “the most appropriate, secure, applicable, and cost-effective technology” to be used in the conduct of elections.

According to Brillantes the Council is set to hold on July 26 a technology trade fair in order to acquire information on all available automated election system (AES) that could be used by the poll body in the next elections.

“It is an activity of the (Council) as part of their work to recommend to us which technology should we use (in the 2016 elections),” he said.

But Brillantes explained that although the Commission followed the recommendation of the Council in previous polls, the final decision on what technology to use is still with the en banc.

“It is not them (Advisory Council) that will decide. The decision which technology to use is still ours,” he said.

“That is the reason why it is recommendatory by nature,” added Brillantes.

During the 2010 and 2013 polls, the Comelec made use of the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines, which is a type of the Optical Mark Reader (OMR) system.


    Well then follow how the bank’s data center are managing the atm transactions. The banks can accurately tally the amount using atm and cards why not the election counting machines. Since election is a lifetime activity, the government should invest in putting up election counting machines all over the country just like bancnet and provide every voting citizens with election cards with pin and chip technology. I am sure the benefits will outweigh the cost of investment in the near future. At this point where technology is growing fast, the government should start thinking of creating a new department who will manage the country’s information systems. The management and operations of this digital election system should be under this department but with the close supervision of the comelec.

  • dconsultant

    Another ‘Brillant idea’ from the comelec? When will these people stop fooling the country. Why not tap the experts in the Telecom business to come up with the best techology as used and proven already by other country.

  • DanteCatalino Garcia

    What for? New technology to make cheating harder to detect? Comelec is going to cheat anyway so let them be contented with the old technology and machine.

  • Barok

    mag mapagkukurakutan na naman ang mga buwaya

  • Lito S.

    PCOS machines were bought at the expense of taxpayers money. What will happen to these?

    • passing by

      They have been sold so no way to check for cheat…

  • enoughphildrama

    What’s wrong with the current system? Is it double counting? Or u just want to waste public funds? Are u running out of personal money?

  • Manolo F. De Los Reyes

    A new counting machine is still a counting machine. Just reprogram the old one and save money. There is no such thing as new technology counting machine. It is merely a computer software or apps.

  • bokbok

    Seeking new technology o seeking new ways of pocketing people’s money? Di na ba umubra yung dating nakagawian? hahaha