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Comics’ cold bodies

The zombie craze is not going away for a long time. And while the zombie genre dominates TV and movies, it also has a very strong presence in the pages of our favorite comic books.

Obviously, with The Walking Dead’s success both in graphic novel and TV media, people cannot get enough of the living dead. Here is my list of some of the best zombie comics that you can grab from the shelves today. I hope some of my picks will be to your liking. Just always remember that zombies can be your friends, too… when they’re not trying to eat your brains, of course.

26Night of the Living Deadpool1. Night of the Living Deadpool – This mini-series only ended very recently. It starts out with Deadpool waking up from a food coma, finding out that he is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. This title is poignant because it shows Deadpool dealing with the harsh fact that he is the last superhero in the world. With this realization, we see a rare, vulnerable side of the usually goofy Deadpool. His biggest conflict is that when he is bitten, Deadpool still turns into a zombie, but because of his healing factor, he turns back to human form, but retaining the memories of all the people he ate when he was infected. Also, what I especially like about this title is the artwork. The only colors used in this book are black, white and red, and this style contributes to the overall creepy aura of having the living dead chase you on the streets. If you liked writer Cullen Bunn’s work on Night of the Living Deadpool, be sure to grab copies of his next Deadpool series, Deadpool vs. Carnage, a book featuring an epic clash of Marvel’s two literally reddest characters.

2. Empire of the Dead - Marvel was very fortunate to get this project with the godfather of all things zombies, George Romero. George Romero is the man behind classic movies like The Crazies, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Land of the Dead. In this comic which George Romero writes himself, we have a Manhattan that is seemingly quarantined from the zombie virus. Humans let out all their negative emotions by putting their captured zombies into a gladiator-style tournament, a vicious battle to the death after death. We also have humans studying the zombies, especially those who retain a hint of humanity, to try to save them and find a cure to the infection. But even with all this progress happening in Manhattan, all is not yet well, because there are still zombies lurking in the dark corners of the streets. Also, the humans have to face another kind of undead threat, vampires. I could not help but shout in shock when Empire of the Dead revealed that there were actually vampires in Manhattan. This can only mean one thing: a three-way war between vampires, the zombies and the poor humans, who cannot seem to catch a break.

3.Marvel Zombies – Robert Kirkman is best known for his work on The Walking Dead. But he is also the man behind one of Marvel’s most fun, and wildest books to ever hit the stands, Marvel Zombies. Spinning out of the pages of Ultimate Fantastic Four, a zombie version of Mr. Fantastic tricks the Ultimate Reed Richards into opening the portal to a zombie universe. With this, an alternate Earth, designated as Earth 2149, is visited by the zombie plague. And there begins the madness and chaos that Robert Kirkman is so good at writing. Marvel Zombies gave birth to many sequels, like Marvel Zombies 2-4, Marvel Zombies Return, Marvel Zombies: Dead Days, and Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness. The franchise even found its way to the pages of Ultimate Civil War Spider-Ham, where Spider-Ham stumbles into Earth 2149, to discover how difficult it is to be a pig in a world of flesh-eating zombies. The most horrifying aspect of all these Marvel Zombies titles is seeing your favorite heroes turn into bloodthirsty, ruthless killers, struggling with their violent urges and unstoppable hunger that cannot be satisfied no matter what they do to fight it.

There are many more great zombie titles on sale, so do not be limited by this short list. Do check out other books like Vertigo’s iZombie and The New Deadwardians, Boom’s 28 Days Later, and IDW’s Zombies vs. Robots, just to name a few. There are still so many twists and turns that writers can add to the already rich zombie-library, and we are only at the beginning of the greatness that this horror genre is destined for. So just sit back, crank up Zombie by The Cranberries in the background, and spend your day reading to your living heart’s delight.