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Commander Malik wounded?

15 More MNLF Guerrillas Slain In Fresh Fighting

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AMID DEATH AND DESTRUCTION (AFP) – Wearing gas masks to minimize the stench of decaying corpses, soldiers patrol an area amid destroyed houses in Barangay Sta. Catalina, Zamboanga City, on Sept. 26, 2013. In inset photo above, soldiers look at bodies believed to be those of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) rebels who formed part of the group that launched an attack on the city on Sept. 9, engaging government troops in fierce gun battles.

Manila, Philippines – Commander Ustadz Khabier Malik, one of the trusted lieutenants of Moro National Liberation Front founding chairman Nur Misuari, was reportedly wounded in one of the rebels’ clashes with government forces in Barangay Sta. Catalina, Zamboanga City.

Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc, 7th Civil Relations Group (CRG) commander, reported the wounding of Malik as the military revealed that 15 more MNLF fighters were killed in the latest firefight with government security forces conducting clearing operations in Zamboanga City.

No Last Stand

These developments only proved the claim of Abdul Sahrin, secretary-general of the MNLF faction chaired by former Cotabato City vice mayor Muslimin G. Sema, that the purported last stand of the remaining loyal followers of Misuari fizzled out.

Malik had sought prayers last Thursday as he vowed to make a last stand after the Friday prayer (Juma’ah).

“The congregational prayer at noon was concluded just past 1 p.m.,” Sahrin said. “We were waiting for Malik’s move if what he said was true,” said Sahrin.

Instead, Sahrin learned from a former MNLF rebel, who is now an officer of the Philippine Army, that Malik could have already escaped to Sulu.

Cabunoc said the military is still verifying the wounding of Malik, the Sulu-based MNLF commander who led 200 to 300 fighters who stormed Zamboanga City before dawn last September 9 and took about 200 civilian hostages.

Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) public affairs office (PAO) chief, said the fighting that resulted in the death of the 15 MNLF gunmen started Thursday night and lasted until early yesterday morning.

15 MNLF Fighters Slain

“We killed 15 members of the MNLF Misuari faction in a single engagement,” said Zagala.

The official did say the exact area of the encounter, except that it occurred inside a “constriction area.” No casualty was reported from the government side.

With the death of 15 more Moro fighters, Zagala said the MNLF in Zamboanga City is now a “defeated force,” noting that the enemy is losing the will to fight considering they are low in ammunition.

According to Cabunoc, the information on the wounding of Malik came from rescued hostages and one of the MNLF men who is now under government custody.

“Wala din namang sundalo na nakakita, gusto nating i-validate,” said Cabunoc, adding that Malik who refused to surrender was reported to have been wounded in the hand.

132 Killed So Far

The violence in Zamboanga City, now on its 19th day, has already claimed 132 lives, among them 18 soldiers, five policemen, 9 civilians, and 100 MNLF gunmen.

Among the 18 slain soldiers were three young officers, all graduates of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

238 Wounded

Aside from the fatalities, the military also reported 238 people, including 167 soldiers, 14 policemen, and 57 civilians who have been wounded since Day 1 of the Zamboanga crisis.

Cabunoc cited a wounded member of be 3rd Scout Ranger Company (SRC), who chose to return to the frontline after receiving first aid for his injuries.

Unfortunately, he said, the soldier was again hit, this time in the neck, during succeeding encounter.

The soldier is now in the hospital.

275 MNLF Rebels Under Custody

On the MNLF side, 223 have been captured while 52 have surrendered.

Among the MNLF members who surrendered was 69-year-old Misba Baladji, who took over her dead husband’s role.

The military said Baladji claimed Misuari’s trusted deputy promised them P15,000 to join a “peace march” in Zamboanga City.

Fog Of War

With the conflicting figures reported, Cabunoc attributes discrepancies in the remaining MNLF fighters and hostages to the so-called “fog of war” or the confusion in ascertaining figures in the battlefield.

Cabunoc also stressed that this does not mean that the military is manipulating the figures.

He attributed the changing numbers to the fluidity of the situation in the battlefield and assured that the military is doing all it can to present the figures accurately to the public.

Boats Seized

As this developed, government troops seized a wooden-hulled boat and some smaller seacraft called “jungkung” at the islet of Sumatra off the coast of Barangay Talon-Talon after they overrun the islet which was used by the rebels as their camp.

Government troops suspect that the seacraft were used by the MNLF fighters from the provinces of Sulu and Basilan when they invaded the city last Sept. 9.

The military found firearms and ammunition, MNLF uniforms and maps of Zamboanga City including, vital documents, in the blood-stained boats they seized.

The wooden-hulled boat can carry 100 people, while each “jungkung” has a capacity of 30 passengers.

Charges Readied Against Misuari

Meanwhile, the Philippine government is now preparing rebellion and violation of international humanitarian law charges against Misuari and his men in connection with the ongoing standoff.

“Yung mga rebels na hindi nahuli at wala na sa Zamboanga ay kakasuhan natin ng rebellion including Nur Misuari and other commanders,” De Lima told reporters in an interview. (With reports from Edd K. Usman, Nonoy E. Lacson, and Leonard D. Postrado)

  • Manny

    Yes ,why bother with him, finish him.

  • Kika Pandiman

    Whatever the problems of the MNLF and the Government that resulted in a square-off armed hostilities during the confrontation. While we salute the Commander in Chief of our Armed forces. For being there in Zamboanga addressing the situations. However..The root causes of the rebellion by the MNLF where clearly ignored nor for sure neglected by the OPAPP for the failure of Ms. Deles to Address and persuade the MNLF back to the fold of the Government. Despite, knowing his deputy Atty.Jose Lorena who used to work with Nur Misuari in Zamboanga City. Or you may say a former friend or consultant. How come tess failed to win the Heart of the MNLF Tausug faction. Forget the Old Misuari. Because he is not alone fighting for the Tausug people. More MNLF are now realizing where they stand with Aquino Administration. Lets just hope their recent test mission in Zambo. Will be the last one. If not…Then one day they will come back better prepared and no more negotiations just plainly making a history. God Bless Zamboanga…Replace all the incompetent negotiators and recruit somebody with a heart and talent. Not just the way they run here and there without fruitful result. If to attain the lasting peace in the Southern Philippines. Get a new team and save the trouble and people of the South.As well our Military Personnel who have a families to live and support. The devastation to properties unnecessarily is a blow to our economies and the people in General..

    • Jojo Maling

      It takes two to tango, as they say. We can easily change the members of the negotiating team, but it also takes sincerity from both sides. In the almost 5 years that Misuari headed the ARMM, he reported for work for only 182 days, not counting the years he headed the SPCPD. Some say Misuari refuses to deal with the government panel because there are women in the team. So draw your conclusions from that.

      • Kika Pandiman

        Jo…I agree with you. We have around 365 calendar days in a year. By showing-up to works for 182 days in a year. That’s not bad at all. Being the head of the ARMM he must have something deal. While the rest of the days he could assigned to his deputies for other function. He can run an office remotely with the high technologies around. So,not a problem. The only things maybe she despised working with some old ladies the like of Ms Deles presence make him uncomfortable. What do you think sending him a nice sexy negotiator??? Maybe he might voluntarily surrender.Ha.Ha.ha Shariah Law in the making…

        • Kika Pandiman

          Showing-up 182 days in a year to the office is still considered better. Erap used to wake-up at 10am or 3pm to start his day at the Presidential Palace after spending the night at Casino.

        • Legend….ary

          Thats one stupid idea you have for running a govenrment office. You criticise the leader whose actually doing something for the first time since gloria and suggesting 180 days work for an official is in your own word “not bad”?? I wonder who paid you to make this comment

          • Kika Pandiman

            Legendary…I hope you were not born a year ago…for not knowing the advancement of Communication Technologies like the Teleconferencing with people in your office wherever you are you can keep in touch. With your Authority your assigned deputies can signed a paperwork in your absence. Beside the ARMM is just a semi-government wherein they function without the interference of our National Government. That’s why they were given the Autonomy to run and managed their internal affair. With just some Government entity overseeing their budget and needs. Less you don’t know about the Advances of times in the region. Then you need to go back to school and earn some advance degree to help you out my friend. The advancement trend even surgical operation in Germany can be perform while the leading team doctors are located in the USA. And so the On-Line classes can also be cater to your preferable schedules. That’s the science of technologies. We regards about our incompetent leaders. The facts Singson has attested the situation. And the whole Filipino knows it. One of his plunder should never be followed by another leaders blunders. I agree with former Pres. Fidel Ramos. This guy was educated by the West Point Academy. I salute him for his valor and sense of leadership. He is the only Philippine President a Sky Jumper. He is a simple leaders wherein you could see a man of Honor never bragged. His experiences make all the differences. We wish there will more like him to lead our country. At least if not. Someone like Singaporean Former Pres. Lee Kuan Yew. Who led his country and people into prosperity against all odds. Their Island size is less than the Basilan Island. Because their people are mostly trained in the advancement of technologies.Now you get the difference maybe. They have their own oil refinery catering their service to the world. And Floating Shipyard. That’s were most pinoy lagged behind. Most of our teachers found a job as a Baby sitter or a Domestic help. As you see our own leaders and law maker are busy slugging each others and enriching themselves to the detriment of someone like you know very well. Who could hardly express nor narrate sentences without looking several times on the paper they are holding. Except few who has the Intelligence but corrupted by desire and forgot the people who believed they can make a difference. For sure we have a lot of Talented people. But corruption took their spirit away. And the Filipino people will continue working as Dosmestic Helper or other Professional abroad. Remitting billions to float our currency. If the OIC band together to help their Muslim Brothers in the Philippines by sucntioning or freezing the hiring of Filipino Nationals in sympathy to those who perished in Zamboanga.You can imagine the Economic Disaster it will affect everything. All the MNLF will do is flahed the News and pictures to the Middle East and ask the ARAB league to help their cause. What would our Smart Leaders will do when most of our Overseas Workers in Middle East are sent home. And the Chinese and Koreans has the the skills to replace our workers. If million are unemployed in the Philippines. Then don’t ever vote with the Party who never cared and crashed our economy by their Action and Judgement.

        • Jojo Maling


    • JD Cruz

      I do agree with you in some point. The war that must be addressed in Mindanao is the war against poverty. Caused with long neclect of the Gov’t. which long been experienced from the start, worsened by years of the Tyrant Dictator and his Schezoprenic Wife and Cronies. The war on poverty is not only in Mindanao but all over the PI that we should win. But bear in mind that Peace can only be achieve if leaders not only in the South but all over will unite with one voice and purpose in mind…progress and good governance.
      Progress and developtment should have been started after the signing of the 1st Peace Agreement. But the Self Serving Aladdin Mr. Misuari did not do his duties and obligations much less his promises to our poor brother Muslims which he capitalized. Gusto kasi ni NUR siya lang ang bida at nasusunod sa lahat ng gusto nya….kawawa lang ang mga kapatid nating dukha na sumasampalataya sa kanya at umaasa…buhay nila ang kapalit sa Idiotic Attitude ng leader nila. He pocketed much of the fair share of the ARMM instead. Building his several mansions and for his family members. He lost his power to the Ampatuans…..another Aladdin….stocking all the ARMM share in his Container Vans and mansions all throughout.
      The ongoing Peace process which Nur is neglecting is nearly bearing fruits…ayaw ni Nur sumali kahit kasali siya from the start….gusto kasi nya one sided lang…hindi nakaintindi ng salitang “MEETING OF THE MINDS” at “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND”….LOL! LOL!Tsaka sya mag deklara ng Independence…pupuede ba yon? Sino ang kawawa ngayon at nadamay sa kagaguhan nya? ang mga inosenting biktima nya! Kung matapang sya at will principled, magaling, madunong at honest na Propessor dapat iniisip nya ang mga consequences at hindi puro pansarili….sa Giyera walang nananalo..lahat tayo talo!!!!

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    ayan gawan nyo na naman ng kwento si malik , dyan magaling ang pinoy

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    ayan gawan nyo na naman ng kweto si malik para manira ….dyan magaling ang pinoyyyyy

  • Johnny jones

    Why bother about commander Mallik. What about all those people in zamboanga who lost their lives because of the trouble created by this guy and his rebels. When people like Mallick have guns in their hands they think they have all the power in their hands but without a gun they are a useless big zero

  • walangsinasanto