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Contact center work optimization pushed

Contact center firms are urged to tap workforce optimization solutions to make their operations more cost efficient and their agents more productive.

Aspect country manager Richard T. Loberas told Business Bulletin in an interview that optimizing the work of every agent in a contact center is crucial for this labor-intensive industry.

“With the use of our solutions, some companies attain their ROI as quick as 8 months,” Loberas said.

Aspect helps enterprise contact centers deliver remarkable customer experiences across every conversation and every channel – through a single, elegant software platform.

As the global leader, Loberas said its unified interaction management, work force optimization and back-office solution seamlessly orchestrates people, processes and touchpoints for today’s top brands in aviation, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications and retail.

Impact provides solutions that enables contact centers to schedule work, forecast and track the work of their agents.

This means agents are being monitored if they adhere to their schedule, do their jobs and able to perform their jobs well. Those found not adhering to their schedules and non-performers would be required to go further coaching and assessment by their direct supervisors.

As such, employes are guided and become more productive, resulting in cost savings to the company.

The Aspect solutions also enables a contact center to predict how many agents it is going to hire, how many are on leave and the volume of calls coming in.

In fact, Loberas said, that a company could save up to 40 agents with the implementation of its solution translating to big savings for the company.

“This is a very good value proposition in savings in terms of full time employees,” said Loberas.

In addition, Aspect solutions will help improve the high attrition rate that characterizes the IT-BPM industry because agents and employers can negotiate better terms based on performance.

So far, there are 200,000 to 250,000 agents who have been working in 60 contact centers with Aspect solutions.

The entire IT-business process management industry is employing 700,000 per with $13-billion revenue level.

Under the roadmap, the industry hopes to employ 1.3 million and $25- billion revenue level by 2016.

“This means we have to hire 400,000 to 500,000 more agents making the Philippines the biggest BPO hub. Without the Aspect solutions it would be difficult to manage the work schedules for all of these agents. But, we in Aspect provides end to end solutions,” said Loberas.

“We help the world’s most demanding contact centers seamlessly align their people, processes and touch points to deliver remarkable customer experiences,” said Loberas.