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DepEd sets early registration

Manila, Philippines — Registration in all public elementary and secondary schools for the 2014-2015 school year will be on January 25, the Department of Education (DepEd) announced yesterday.

Education Secretary Armin Luistro said this will provide the relevant information to prepare for the number of students who will be registered in each school. He said one of the causes of overcrowded classrooms in public elementary and secondary schools every school opening is the lack of enough information to prepare for the students.

“If our school heads know how many students they will have ahead of time, they can better prepare classrooms and seats and learning materials,” Luistro said.

“Our aim is for a smooth June school opening, that is why we are preparing as early as January,” he said.

Luistro issued DepEd Order No. 2 s.2014 which said that early registration will be used by DepEd to gather information to base its preparations for the coming school opening in June.

“We want to prevent logistical problems when the new school year starts in June,” he explained. The specific target of the early registration are all five-year olds to ensure their enrolment in kindergarten and all six-year olds to ensure that they are enrolled in Grade 1 come June.

  • Astrid Dennise Sevilla Buhangi

    I agree to the decision of DepEd in setting January as the registration period for all public schools because this will greatly help teachers on the number of students they will expect in the opening of another academic school year. Another reason why I agree with this is that during the start of classes there will no be overcrowding of students who will still enroll.

  • Dean Pajaro

    Not a bad idea but is not the real solution to a perennially worsening problem. It’s another band aid solution which incapable policy makers can only come up with.
    The country needs more publicly funded classrooms to service the ever growing community of poor families who can not afford to send their kids to privately owned schools which have now become another boom industry.
    It is unfortunate, too, that most of these private schools have now become diploma mills and are producing unemployable graduates in huge numbers.

  • joe bulls

    not a bad idea at all..