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DJ Johnny Verse speaks up on 7107 issue

The ongoing outdoor concert billed the “7107 International Music Festival” being held at the Global Gateway Logistics City inside the Clark Freeport Zone features a slew of international music acts headlined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The event, perhaps the largest of its kind ever staged around these parts, was spread in two days, and also featured several local groups.

With an aim to “create a community revolving around people’s love for music and for a global gathering in the Philippines,” the team behind the “7107 IMF” not only has an amazing lineup of performers, they also flew in an international technical team from Los Angeles to ensure a smooth and efficient program.

Despite all the effort and a desire to put the Philippines in the global musical map, Team “7107 IMF” has been linked to controversy by allegations of connection to businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles.

Apparently, the issue started in cyberspace (where else?), supposedly with some netizens questioning the producers’ capability to mount such a huge shindig with the support of only one major sponsor.

Producers of the show were quick to clarify the issue but, by then, some members of media had already pounced on the matter.

Even I posed a question to myself: why would the jailed Napoles, who is under the radar of the DOJ and the BIR, put her money on such a high profile event?

Because I know one of the event’s producers, DJ Johnny Verse aka Jon Herrera, for almost a decade now, I thought it absurd that someone I knew to be sincere and honest would be dragged into a malicious matter.

I asked Jon about the issue and here is his reply in part:

Hi DJ Mojo Jojo,

Thank you for taking time to hear my side of story.

From day one we have always had competition always trying to bring us down. They know exactly who they are. They went to the extent of sending emails direct to sponsors and the artist agencies, trying to discredit the event and the people behind it. They even created an sms that was sent to people, spreading rumors about our event as early as December…

An ex-staff of mine told me the group that was creating the black propaganda are also the part of the group who has been writing the bad press. They are all barkada.

So people can do their research. Find out who the writer is, who is in her circle of friends…research who are the competing sponsors and businesses and sponsors they associate with. This was already a red flag since it already smelled fishy.  Connect those dots.

Just to clear the air, our team had multiple interviews and even press cons and all the questions were cleared and answered.

Since the first article came out, our lawyers advised us to stay away,from them…I also offered my lawyers for them to speak and discuss all the details of the event. My lawyers can be contacted anytime for a meeting and statement. We have enough press out there. If they prefer to get a documented statement they can go through the process so it’s verified and not twisted through articles. They can contact the Lazaro Law Firm.

We are making history this weekend and putting on Philippines on the map.

In any business especially the event and concert business we have supporters and friends family who have backed us financially to make our dream come true.  It’s not an overnight process. It took about two years and nine months to mount ’7107.’ We would not risk our reputation or that of our investors and sponsors credibility.

The recent article put out is a graph that wasn’t accurate at all nor are the figures. Ask any producer or concert organizer. To mount any event, you put your money where your mouth is. You don’t depend purely on sponsors. Our supporters knew from years of planning that was going to happen and can’t wait to make it happen.

God Bless,

Jon Herrera

  • Oruen Salazar

    Why until now they dont want to shed some light in detail who the funders were? They mentioned this was anawered but never seen in all articles nor inrerviews. I love this kind ot Tomorrowland like festivals but this is also public event and it makes proper sense to make public feel better? Rappler has a valid point until today.

    • cuapparel

      You serious?? just imagine if only 10,000 from a crowd of 30-40,000 people, paid 10,000 pesos for each of their tickets that alone would be P100,000,000 and you have Smart with their 100,000,000 sponsorship, that’s already P200,000,000 and you’re not even thinking of bar sales, concessionaires, and almost forgot the unaccounted 20-30,000 people’s tickets. According to Rappler they needed P250,000,000 to fund everything. Simple math….

    • nineteenMM

      Are you serious? Until know you’d be hatin’? Isn’t that fact that people who went there and enjoyed the event made them feel better? Your statement “it makes proper sense to make public feel better” is for the people like you who still hate and practices crab mentality. And about the napoles thing… have you even thought of that the issue just so happens to be coincidental that it happened on the same time as the festival? Read the article again, it says that the festival was 2 years and 9 months in the making. Maybe next time start appreciating what’s in front of you. Just maybe start living in the present and stop complaining.

      Don’t hate because i know you weren’t there to witness history! be proud instead that the Philippines can do such. Be proud, son, coz it’s people like Jon who’ll be the reason why more international artists will want to visit the Philippines and rock the whole country with their music. This event may not be as big as the other international festivals but this may serve as a stepping stone to heights we may have never thought of reaching. So thank God, Jon and the people behind this.

      • Neo15

        cuapparel, nineteenmm, thanks, but fyi, i mentioned i love this kind of event, so i dont hate it, i love the concept and this shoudlve been really fun for those who attended of course. but think about it, the issue is beyond fun. for everyone in business, capital is critical, its the capital at hand before or during conceptualization is the issue in this controversy, thats the biggest factor that im doubting. yes, sales from after marketing and tickets is where profit might come from, and that is ‘after’. for this type of very big event, its really doubtful to deviate from such best practice unless you have bigtime friends and crowd source for security. even if its not associated with james napoles this time, jon was ‘reportedly’ associated with him before, so go figure who can be that mysteryious backer in the picture. again this cannot be answered by just denials, and poor pr marketing communications (which couldve have increased their sales even further if done otherwise, and make it true to the concept of ‘philippinization’ worldwide). imagine we work hard for our taxes, so it would just be proper if we party harder with good conscience. think about our fantasies and likes being used to exploit us by mad businessmen.

        • nineteenMM

          In line with nikkie said, why not just contact their lawyers?

    • nikkie

      They would have made the extra millions in water sales alone. Haha. Kidding aside, I know there’s no solid evidence that it wasn’t funded by Napoles. But think about it: there’s also no solid evidence that the Napoles family is behind it. Yes, I believe that they should show more of how the funding came about. In any case, they mentioned that you can contact their lawyers.

      • GLENN

        True. Hahaha. 80 pesos for a bottle of water.