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DoH7 investigates ‘mouth taped baby’ in Cebu hospital

baby mouth taped, Manila Bulletin

This baby’s mouth was taped by a still unidentified nurse who reasoned that the infant kept crying loudly and asking for milk. (Photo from Rye Kido’s facebook post)

CEBU CITY, Cebu- A top official from the Department of Health (DoH) 7 announced an investigation on the case of a newborn baby whose mouth was reportedly taped by a nurse for crying too loud inside the hospital nursery.

Dr. Jaime Bernadas, DoH 7 regional director bared a fact finding investigation even have not yet file a formal complaint against the hospital.

A picture of a baby boy with his taped mouth went viral after his father Ryan Noval took to Facebook to register his disappointment with the hospital.

The baby named Yohannes born last May 3 in Cebu Puericulture Center and Maternity House Inc.  in this city will be released today (May 13).

Noval and his partner Jasmine regularly visit him so that she could breastfeed their son. But last May 9, the couple was shocked to find their son’s lips taped while sleeping at the nursery. When they asked why the boy’s mouth was taped, a nurse told them the baby was crying too loud and was always asking for milk.

Jasmine asked the nurse to remove the plaster from her son’s lips. But the nurse reportedly told her to remove the plaster herself. Jasmine hesitated in fear of hurting her son, so the nurse removed the tape eventually. The baby cried during the process which broke his parents’ heart.

Dr. Raida Varona, the hospital’s medical director, said they are investigating who among the nurses on duty taped the baby’s mouth, stressing that such act is not part of their protocol.

  • gary malazarte

    bakit ka ba naging nurse?eh isa k plang bliw,dpat sau don ka sa kulongan ng mga sna kunin ka ni KAMATAYAN!!!

  • julie malazarte

    kung sino ka mang nurse ka!wala kang awa!!kung ako ang ina ng bata baka ano ang ngw ko sayo!!grrrrr!!!

  • Crash N Burn

    This barbaric act on this child is so insane! She is not able to be a nurse to act in accordance to care giving of any kind. She cant be a Mother, The baby:s cry is a very nice music into the ear. Why in the world that his Nurse doesn’t know that??

  • Edward

    Oh well, I see the story has appeared on the Yahoo UK site. That’s a tad embarrassing.

  • enoughphildrama

    This action is very much unacceptable! I pity nurses for their meager earnings but doing such thing to a defenseless soul, i’m glad the person who did this is living in a shit hole. I wish and pray you don’t get out of poverty.

    Obviously the baby cried because he is hungry. And regardless how loud the cry is, no one has got the right to tape the mouth of the poor baby. I would kill someone doing this to my baby.

    Yeah, when you are poor, they treat you like shit. But when you have the money, they are like dogs waiting for you to throw some bones.

  • Guest

    nka kaiyak. na lala ko yong nasa public hospital ako. porket wala mga pera ang nag pa admit doon. sakin nga imbes na gas mask,eh bote ng mineral ang ginamit pang oxygen. kesyo wala na daw mask.

  • zhardan

    I don’t think taping the mouth is learned from school. Kung ako parent nung bata baka ipatanggal ko pa license ng nurse. GRRRR…..

  • Edward

    Given the treatment that my 4 year old stepson received at the hands of an orthopaedic Dr. recently and the general standard of acre that he received, nothing would surprise me about the quality of healthcare.

  • RJ Dee

    This kind of action is unacceptable! Dapat ang mga may sala nito ay managot sa Commission on Human Rights (CHR) at sa batas.

  • johnny wang

    What a disgrace. How could the nurses do such a thing to a little child