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Drilon to colleagues: Set aside 2016

Senate President Franklin Drilon on Monday asked his colleagues to set aside 2016 plans and focus on reviving the people’s faith in the Senate.

“My esteemed colleagues, even amid this political turbulence, let us continue to weave dreams for our country… Let us set aside 2016 and work hand in hand for the rebirth of the Senate,” Drilon said.

He said the Senate would prioritize legislation that would stimulate the economy and generate more jobs, promote fair competition in business, increase the take home pay of our workers, strengthen the campaign against graft and corruption and criminality, expand access to health and education, and protect the country’s territorial sovereignty.

“The eyes of the people are upon us again as we open the second regular session of the 16th Congress. I view this day as our opportunity to recover the people’s faith in their Senate, regain their trust and revive their confidence,” Drilon said.

The Senate chief however said that this task would be difficult so he advised his colleagues to remain receptive to and tolerant of criticism.

“Though not within reach, I believe with hard work and perseverance we would in time walk past the difficult path ahead… I recognize that as public servants we must remain receptive to and tolerant of criticism. But should we as individuals and as a collegial body allow the Senate to continue to be casually scorned?”

“The Senate as an institution remains a constitutional body entitled to respect, even if some of its members may have been found to have erred through their individual acts.”

“We owe it to this chamber to combat falsehoods concocted by cowardly minds who spread their lies through proxy voices and pens; to speak up for the Senate even when it may seem to be more politically convenient and safer for us to be silent, to just wait for the tempest to pass.”

Drilon said the Senate is committed to craft a budget focused on “spending on the right priorities and with measurable results, keeping in mind our goal for inclusive growth” and to work on the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

He asked for the public’s support in instituting reforms to create a better society.

“We need your help and cooperation. We need your trust… To the Filipino people, be assured that your Senate will stand in solidarity with you,” he concluded. (Mary Rose A. Hogaza)

  • libra

    Common Mr “pork” Senator, sino ba ang namumulitika? Saan ninyo ba ginamit yung DAP? Ibinigay ninyo sa mga politiko para bumango ang image ng gobyerno ni Noynoy P. Sinong binobola mo Mr porky? Nguso at balahibo na lang ang kulang sa yo mukhang “boar” ka na.