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Early 2014 stats show voracious tech appetite

2014What’s trending? Based on early live statistics from worldometers.info, old and new media and the technologies that enable them continue to be consumed ravenously around the world on a daily basis.

Four days into 2014, the world already acquired 17.2 million cellular phones. Last year, 1.8 billion cellular phones were sold worldwide based on data from industry research groups Gartner and IDC Corp.

The 2.88 billion Internet users in the world as of morning of January 4, 2014 (Philippine time) quickly sent out a whopping 645 million emails right away. In 2013, 67 trillion emails were sent based on estimates by The Radical Group.

People who tweet and blog never stopped and managed to send out 1.9 million tweets and 11.6 million blog entries, respectively, over the last 96 hours.

The live data on blogs came from WordPress Stats-Automattic Inc. and Technorati on State of the Blogosphere report. Data on new tweets per second came from Twitter, Inc.

Last year, a total of 199 billion tweets were sent and 1.2 billion blog entries were posted.

The world also continues to search for anything and everything on Google. The company recorded about 13 million Google Searches so far by noon of January 4, 2014 (Philippine time). In 2013, Google searches reached 1.3 trillion.

Bookworms will be pleased to know that 23,800 new book titles have been published during the last four days of 2014. According to Bowker Book Industry Statistics and the UNESCO, 2.5 million books were published in 2013.

Not to be outdone, couch potatoes are making sure TV manufacturers stay in business this year by snapping up 2.3 million units in no time. Around the world in 2013, people bought 239 million television sets, according to market watcher Display Search.

Another type of couch potatoes have spent $628 million on video games during the last four days of 2014 based on estimates of Gartner, DFC Intelligence and NDP Group – Entertainment Market Research. This group blew $66 billion on video games for 2013.

Meanwhile, 1.4 million newborn babies joined the 7.2 billion global population from January 1 to January 4, 2014, while half a million people died during that time.

Most real time statistics in this report were recorded between 10 a.m. to 12 noon of January 4, 2014 (Philippine time). Other statistics on how the world did last year in the areas of mortality, health, food, environment, technology, energy and other economic and social metrics can be gleaned from the infographics below and from an earlier story, 2013 in Numbers.

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