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Fortun contemplates quitting job as lawyer

Manila, Philippines — The wife of lawyer Raymund Fortun is scheduled to be released Sunday from the hospital, three days after being shot by a a still unidentified gunman outside their home in Las Piñas City.

In an interview, Fortun said his 43-year old wife Carole, set to be discharged from the Perpetual Hospital where she was brought for treatment Thursday as a result of the bullet wound that entered the back of her neck and exited at the right side of her cheek.

“Carole’s survival is a miracle, per the doctors. She will be released from the hospital this (Sunday) afternoon,” Fortun said in a statement sent through text.

He added he is contemplating quitting his job as a lawyer, considering the shooting of his wife might be related to his job.

As a lawyer for more than two decades now, Fortun has handled a lot of sensitive or controversial cases including the fight against the Pork Barrel or (Priority Development Assistance Fund).

  • rvrna

    Don’t quit, serve the righteous poor who needs bright lawyers like you.

  • Francis Melorin

    No it’s not the fight against pdap or dap. It’s probably your lawyering for the ampatuan or the .GuindaNao massacre.

    • Eduardo Jimenez

      read carefully,it’s already written Sigfrid Fortun is Ampatuan’s lawyer and RAYMUND FORTUN ARE BOTH LAWYERS and Raymund is the husband of CAROLE and Atty.Raymund Fortun is not lawyering for the Ampatuan’s

  • joeyg

    I think this is due to the fact that you are the principal lawyer of the Ampatuans and people don’t like the idea of you defending these killers

    • Ulipur

      Ampa’s lawyer is the brother. Sigfrid.