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  • The place for Champions

    The place for Champions

    If a kid wanted to learn more about basketball, chances are he will start with one place: Milo. It’s one of the best camps to get better at sports and has been for generations. Milo camps have great player-teachers who …

  • Demi has a new sound

    Demi has a new sound

    By Trizha Quina A. Oiga Last year, 23-year-old former Disney star Demi Lovato teased her fans on Twitter about her new album saying “I’ve never been more confident in my sound. Never been so sure of who I am as an artist. …

  • Smart girls rule the world

    Smart girls rule the world

    By Audrey Isabel L. Pe, 14 Multiple Intelligence International School High school sophomores Gigi Dubois, Bea Honeycomb, and Neerja Padwami are straight-A-overachievers who aim to enter an Ivy League school upon graduation. They aren’t that concerned about their popularity status, or …

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