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  • ‘Sometimes, the Monster is the Man.’

    ‘Sometimes, the Monster is the Man.’

    By Sofia Keanna Garcia, 14 The Masters Academy Homeschool Monsters are scary. They terrorize towns and sometimes, kill people. It is the scariest and probably the worst thing that we could ever encounter in our lives. But sometimes, people create their own …

  • Unlikeliest Friendship

    Unlikeliest Friendship

    By Isabel Sofia Santiago, 14 Saint Jude Catholic School What do you know about dinosaurs? What I know is they lived here on Earth millions of years ago but was believed to have died when a comet hit the Earth. But what …

  • The last game she’ll play

    The last game she’ll play

    By Audrey Isabel L. Pe In the final installment in the Hunger Games film series, Katniss Everdeen fights for more than just her sister—she fights for the freedom of her country, Panem that is currently ruled by the totalitarian President Snow. …

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