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Gov’t not manipulating ‘Yolanda’ death toll

The government is not manipulating the death toll from super typhoon Yolanda, a Palace official said in a press briefing last Friday.

Deputy Presidential Spokeswoman Abigail Valte said the government has always been “upfront” in gathering data about the casualty in any calamity.

“There is no attempt to hide or to fudge any figures. Any assertion otherwise would just be pure speculations at this point,” Valte said.

“In any calamity that we’ve faced, we’ve always been upfront about the procedure that the NDRRMC (National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council) adopts when it comes to the identification of casualties,” she added.

As of Friday afternoon, the death toll has already risen to 3,621.

President Aquino earlier disputed initial reports that at least 10,000 people were killed in the typhoon that lashed across the Visayas last week. Aquino said the estimated death toll is closer to 2,000 to 2,500.

Eastern Visayas police regional director Chief Supt. Elmer Soria who first resorted the 10,000 death count has already been relieved of his command.

However, Valte said the police offer was relieved by Philippine National Police chief Alan Purisima since he went through “so much stress” and needed some rest.

  • Tet Lorenz

    The government is only counting identified bodies. What about the unidentified? A casualty is a casualty whether identified or not. For those missing and not found in days and months ahead, when are they considered as casualties?

  • Uzal Roberts

    More lies from Malacanang! How long will we allow this manipulating, incompetent president to hold office and destroy the country further?

  • kitz

    mabilis lang kasi dumipensa si pnoy eh…. mas alam naman siguro ng chief of police ang dami ng mga tao sa lugar nya….

  • gemcee lansangan

    When did you conduct census in the Area? If it is just last year then you can get a rought estimates the total number of people minus those accounted now are the number of people dead & missing approximately.. Your data of number of missing persons now is not realistic because I assume it is taken from the people who just reported missing and not based on statistics that are recorded in previous census-people accounted for-dead bodies accounted for. Its just a simple math.

  • gemcee lansangan

    Malacanang, you have to accept that you are providing numbers of casualty at an earlier stage without going out to All the affected areas. We salute the officer who estimate possibly 10,000 casualty because He is familiar with the place and well experience enough to say so. This is your people in the field. You should not let the president a closed figure of casualty at the moment, because the international community who are going to the places ravaged by the super typhoon still discovering cadaver and counting. excluding those disappeared from the sea during the super typhoon that maybe eaten by the sharks already.

  • jmm72

    The President is proven wrong by the NDRRMC figures and those who previously suggested more deaths that his “2,000 to 2,500″ are relieved of duty by the National Police?