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Hillary Clinton prepares for the 2016 elections

Although she has yet to announce that she will run for president in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton has been quietly campaigning for the job. She ran, unsuccessfully, in 2012, defeated by Barack Obama. This time, having already served two terms, Obama will be ineligible to run again, and the would-be candidates who are positioning themselves to run are, as yet, not especially impressive.

As Obama’s secretary of state, Clinton defended the administration. And she still is wary of criticizing it since the president retains his popularity with the majority of voters. But in her book “Hard Choices,” she does offer some alternative ideas, such as that good diplomacy requires “regular meetings that can mitigate damage when crises occur.”

To the age-old concept that a woman cannot be a good president because she is too “emotional,” we have already seen enough of Hillary in action to realize this does not apply to her. A lawyer, she keeps her cool and also is able to use occasional flashes of wit and humor in her speeches and interviews that appeal to her audience.

Women political candidates often have a problem of having to sacrifice family time in order to do their job, but in Hillary’s case, since her only child is already grown and married, this would only apply to time with her grandchild, who is due to arrive this fall.

And there is no outstanding competition on the political scene in either the Democratic or Republican party. On the Democratic side there is the former governor of Montana, the popular Brian Schweitzer, who is considering running for president, and former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie, who may try again, and the well respected but little known Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. On the Republican side, the strongest contender appears to be the libertarian Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, and the former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, brother of former president George Bush.

The only weapon the Republicans seem to have against Clinton is the surprise attack on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya, which happened on her watch and resulted in the death of four Americans, including the ambassador. Since then, the embassy has been provided by the government with additional security.

Considered by many as the “best prepared” politician to run for president, Mrs. Clinton has already served eight years as First Lady and eight years as senator and four years as secretary of state. She knows the issues, both foreign and domestic, and during her tenure as secretary of state, she was credited with re-directing foreign policy to address the present globalized, tech-savvy world. She also may be the only candidate who can simultaneously draw the votes of single women, minorities, and voters under thirty years of age. Her present approval rating stands at 54%, which should be sufficient to win an election.