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Horticulture 2014 a big success

The verdict in the post-show evaluation of Horticulture 2014 is that it was a big success, announced Dorie S. Bernabe, president of Philippine Horticultural Society.

EDIBLE GARDEN, Manila Bulletin, Agriculture

EDIBLE GARDEN – The exhibit booth of East-West Seed Company at the recent Horticulture 2014 garden show at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City showcased a system whereby both flowering plants and various varieties of vegetables can be grown together. The garden show which was staged by the Philippine Horticultural Society focused on livelihood, wellness and tourism. It was supported by the Department of Agriculture, Department of Tourism and the Department of Labor and Employment. The horticultural show ran from January 24 to February 3.

Horticulture 2014 is the garden show staged from January 24 to February 3 at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. It was supported by the Department of Agriculture, Department of Tourism and the Department of Labor and Employment.

Aside from the government agencies, businessman Joselito ‘Butch’ Campos also provided substantial financial support for the staging of the horticultural event. He was the honorary chairman of the show.

Bernabe said that the garden show showcased several practical and doable ideas in support of the theme that focused on livelihood, wellness and tourism. The exhibit booths were so beautiful that the local government of Quezon City had negotiated for the retention of the landscape booths at the Tropical Garden where the event was held.

Among the practical ideas that were showcased was the edible garden of East-West Seed Company. Here, the technicians of the company demonstrated that in urban areas like Metro Manila, home owners can combine flowering plants and their favorite vegetables in their gardens.

The seed company also demonstrated that if the soil is adobe or stony, the plants can be planted in clay pots or plastic containers. The trick is to provide the plants with a suitable growing medium such as a mixture of garden soil, carbonized rice hull or coco peat and processed organic fertilizer.

Even vine vegetables like ampalaya, patola, cucumber, upo and others can be grown in containers. And they showcased a practical trellis made of bamboo slats for the vine vegetables to climb on.

The daily seminars in the garden show also featured practical ideas. Just like the technique of Dr. Eduardo Paningbatan Jr. in growing vegetables and culinary herbs in soda bottles using his special growing medium and plant nutrient he himself formulated. Dr. Paningbatan is a retired professor and researcher in soil science from UP Los Baños.

Harbest Agribusiness Corporation also showcased a practical way of growing leafy vegetables in a vertical garden. This means growing the vegetables in beds that go upwards. The vertical garden can be provided with a stand so that it can be portable. It can be easily relocated in the home garden whenever it is necessary.

The planting bed of the vertical vegetable garden is constructed with two sheets of poultry mesh wire. In between the two sheets of mesh wire, the potting medium (about two inches thick) is installed. The potting medium consists of carbonized rice hull and sphagnum moss or coco peat, whichever is available. For easy care and maintenance, Harbest also installed a drip irrigation system so that watering and fertilizing are simply done by opening the faucet.

Then there are the beautiful ornamentals in the landscape booths of Boyet Ganigan and Jae Silvestre. They exhibited really well-grown rare plants coming from their Arid and Aroids nursery in Silang, Cavite.

An indigenous variegated tree won the top prize in the competition. This is the variegated Malapapaya or Polyscias nodosa exhibited by Yuyung LaO.