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Jinggoy denies arrest in US

Manila, Philippines – Senator Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada has denied he was arrested in San Francisco International Airport.

In a text message disseminated to reporters late Monday night, Estrada’s camp refuted allegations airport authorities arrested him for bringing in a huge amount of money in the US.

The satirical news on Estrada was published in a blog by www.sowhatsnews.wordpress.com and re-posted in www.inagist.com.

Estrada is currently in the US supposedly to accompany his wife, Precy, to seek a second medical opinion for a lump in her breast. He left Saturday for the US but without his wife.

“My staff just called me at 5 a.m. to inform me that there is an article circulating that I have been arrested in the US for bringing in huge amount of US dollars. That is absolutely not true,” Estrada said.

“I’ve been seen by a number of Filipinos and were happy to see me and even took pictures of me. That story is incredible to say the least,” added the senator.

In the article, the writer said airport officials stopped Estrada after noticing a suspicious “bulge” on the upper body of his clothes.

Estrada, based on the article, introduced himself as the “sexy senator” from the Philippines and that the bulge in his chest was a result of an intense workout.

The article also said that when the authorities inspected him, they discovered bundles of money hidden inside his “muscles and skin.”

The satirical report insinuated the money could have been Filipino taxpayers’ money he tried to bring in the country.

Estrada is one of the senators who have been charged with plunder after being implicated in the P10-billion pork barrel fund scam.