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Jinri Park and Ramon Bautista: Romance in the wings?

Ramon Bautista, Jinri Park, Manila Bulletin, Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Ramon Bautista and Jinri Park (Photo from Monster Radio RX93.1’s Facebook page)

It looks like Ramon Bautista has made quite an impression on Jinri Park. A recent inductee into FHM’s “Funny is the new pogi” shortlist of “kwela” guys that make ladies’ hearts melt, Ramon has seemingly scored big when Jinri herself admitted to being attracted to the comedian.

The self-proclaimed Internet Action Star earlier professed having a crush on the Korean radio jock-model-actress, and while to many they may seem an odd pair, Jinri thinks otherwise.

“Funny thing is, at first it was parang joke lang. And then you know, I actually find him really attractive now,” Jinri told “What’s Up, Doods?” host Edu Manzano in a recent episode.

Prior, the sexy cover girl revealed that she used to host a radio show with Bautista and that started their supposed tandem. On Twitter, the two call each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.”

Seemingly in disbelief, Manzano asked the “Vampire Ang Daddy Ko” star, “Really? How attractive?”

“From a scale of 1 to 10 – 10 being the highest – I would say 8,” Jinri responded, to which Edu exclaimed, “You serious? Wow! Lucky guy!”

Setting her statement straight, Jinri explained, “I’m not the type who goes for physical looks… He’s so funny. And he’s very smart, too.”

In a recent TV interview, the very single Jinri describes her ideal future boyfriend as: Asian, musically inclined, clingy, and funny, among others.

On whether she will date Bautista, Jinri said, “I will date him if he asks me.”