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Jobless Filipinos up by 300,000 — SWS

The number of unemployed Filipinos slightly increased by about 300,000 individuals in the second quarter of 2014, based on the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey results.

The nationwide survey conducted from June 27 to 30 among 1,200 respondents found that joblessness rate among Filipinos at least 18 years old increased from 25.7 percent or 11.5 million Filipinos in March, 2014 to 25.9 percent or 11.8 million individuals in June, 2014.

To define joblessness, SWS said those who fall under this category are individuals 18 years old and above without a job and also looking for a job.

However, those jobless who are not looking for work, such as housewives and retired individuals are excluded from this category.

SWS noted that joblessness has been above 20 percent since May 2005, except in March, 2006 (19.9 percent); December, 2007 (17.5 percent); and September, 2010 (18.9 percent).

Meanwhile, the highest unemployment rate among Filipinos was recorded in February, 2009 at 34.4 percent.

The SWS survey showed that the number of unemployed Filipinos is composed mainly of adults who quit their jobs (from 11.4 percent to 13.2 percent), were retrenched (from 10.7 percent to 8.8 percent), and first-time job-seekers (from 3.3 percent to 3.6 percent).

Of the 8.8 percent who were retrenched, 6.3 percent had their contracts not renewed, 1 percent had employers who stopped operations, and 1.5 percent had been laid off.

“Adult joblessness has traditionally been dominated by those who voluntarily left their old jobs and who lost their jobs due to economic circumstances beyond their control,” SWS said.

In the same survey period, Filipinos’ optimism on job availability has declined from “fair” +13 in the first quarter to “mediocre” +3 presently.

From 36 percent previously, 32 percent of Filipinos at present are optimistic that the number of available jobs in the next 12 months would increase.

Meanwhile, 29 percent from 32 percent said it would stay the same, and 28 percent from 23 percent believe that the number of available jobs would decrease.

With regard to availability of jobs by gender, joblessness among women increased to 39.9 percent (from 37.8 percent), while joblessness among men decreased to 14.7 percent (12.9 percent).

By age group, joblessness increased sharply by 19.4 points among 18-24 year-old youth, bringing the joblessness rate to 62.8 percent in the second quarter. SWS said it is the highest joblessness rate among 18 to 24 year old Filipinos since June 2008 (63.3 percent).

  • Gisingbayanko

    This particular age group will always have a high rate of unemployment since it’ll always be impacted by tens of thousand of new graduates every year and during the last few years.

    As more DAP funded infrastructure projects and other development programs come on stream, increased foreign investments, more BPOs, 4Ps and other livelihood programs jobs are created and mature; we can expect some improvements eventually; although, don’t expect a dramatic drop, considering it’s an entry point in the national labor market.

    But it should be treated by gov’t as an opportunity, a reservoir of talents where it can draw good, raw, promising, intelligent talents for its growing bureaucracy and also replacement for its old, politically appointed bureaucrats by attrition through early retirement or other just separation methods.

    Moreover, gov’t sponsored apprenticeship programs with high job conversion ratio should warrant more funds and must be expanded as one of its solutions to the high rate of unemployment in these age bracket.

    • juliet

      I absolutely agree. Looking forward to hear a well balanced opinion. Mabuhay ka!

    • juliet

      I absolutely agree. Looking forward to hear a well balanced opinion. Mabuhay ka!

  • Gisingbayanko


    This is why we have to read every news item with a grain of salt and see who’s behind it.
    Sino namang politiko ang nag fund ng opinion survey? Sigurado mayoon din may counter opinion survey results ang lalabas soon.

    • juliet

      1,200 respondent of SWS survey nationowide to conclude 300,000 jobless in just 3 days. Amazing! In my opinion, it was half truth. Thus, Survey na Walang Saysay.

  • TuwadNaDaan

    tumaas daw ang GDP tumaas naman ng unemployment rate…..yan ang tuwid na daan.!!!

  • neilabarca

    Huwag ng palusot ang DOLE na “MISMATCHED” ang ating mga aplikanteng Pinoy.

    Ang ipinagmamayabang 6 – 7% GDP growth rate ay nagresulta ng MATAAS na UNEMPLOYMENT, pinakaMATAAS sa ASEAN countries at posibleng sa buong ASIA…Sila lang pala, mga pamilyang DINASTIYA, OLIGARKIYA, mga mayayaman, malalaking negosyante at mga dayuhang corporate elite ang nakikinabang at umaasenso sa ilalim ng administrasyong Aquino..

    Sa LOOB NG 5 TAON SA PODER, tila walang inatupag ang kanyang ECONOMIC team kundi ang magduktor ng datos. Bkud sa walang naipatayo itong major POWER PLANT, kulelat ang Pilipnas sa ASEAN pagdating sa Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) na pumapasok….

    Sana i-overhaul na niya ang buong gabinete… lalo na ang Sec Baldos ng DOLE, tanggalin na niya sa pwesto ang DOE Sec Petilla sa Energy Crisis sa nararanasan ng bansa, ang NEDA Director at DTI Secretary Domingo.

  • alas.kador nga

    I have been helping out one BPO company during Job fairs and guess what ? we only get a few candidates…why ? candidates say ” Nose bleed ako dyan ” “naku mahirap dyan ayoko mag puyat ” doon na lang ako sa madali bat pa ako magpapakahirap dyan ” and so on and so forth… this is very sad coz the BPO’s need alot of agents but unable to get candidates…
    ow tell me kung wlang trabaho sa PInas or talagang mapili lang ang mga Pinoy… yung iba gusto daw mag DH na lang HK at baka maka pag asawa ng Briton or Kano para daw gumanda ang buhay nila…tsk tsk tsk….

    • juliet

      Natumbok mo. Walang mahirap sa nagsisikap.

  • Jun P. Espina

    The problem is not lack of job opportunities, but lack of appreciation on what is available and vacant. I saw many college graduates who are jobless and undergrads having jobs. Why? Or why are most beautiful girls being impregnated and then either abandoned or divorced like dung; while the uglier ones in contrast were loved, were having good husbands who were willing to die for their true love on their “ugly” wives. Just like most good looking girls, most college-graduate applicants are more green and naive and even more arrogant than the owners of the company that they want to seek employment with. Sense of appreciation is the key to all forms of success. This thought from Bremer makes sense: “what is $200 to a horse?” Job-abroad is the obsession, and job in the country in just Plan B. Lack of job per se is not the main scenario, but the seesaw of resignation and application in search for the job they love. Joblessness is a mindset. No appreciation on what is vacant is one main cause why are we having thousands of “retired (if not retarded) applicants.” When the worker is ready, the work appears. The survey-figures may have been factual, but the deep truth of our joblessness is just like a picture which paints a thousand words. When we are jobless, is it not all because of the government–rather, it is because we are selective and choosy and ever chasing after the job of our dreams–until retirement comes–as a retired applicant–no boss; no company–because every job is criticized, and every company is seen as a bad company to spend life with. Hence, they say, if you were born poor, its not your fault; but if you’ll die poor, its your fault, for you don’t understand that a good job is just a “bad job turned upside down”–always dependent on how do you appreciate or hate it.

    • juliet

      Saludo po ako sa opinyon ninyo. Sana lagi po kayong mag komento para maunawaan ng lahat ang sitwasyon.

  • popeyee

    Gumanda na raw ang ekonomeya dahil DAP sabi nila pero bakit nadagdagan ang mga walang hanapbuhay?
    No wonder na ayaw umuwi nong mga nasa Libya kahit may giyera dahil sa kawalan ng hanapbuhay pag uwi sa Pilipinas..

    • alas.kador nga

      kahit naman sino ang naka upo sa Malacanyang kung tamad ang Pinoy e wla rin kahit gumastos ang pamahalaan ng billiones kung tamad ang Pinoy mag hanap ng trabaho at gustoe mag DOTA na lang ..wala rin d b ?

      • juliet

        Tama po. Madaling manisi kesa akuin ang katamaran at pagiging choosy.