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Korean teen loses over P100,000 to thieves

A 15-year old Korean national on Wednesday lost more than P100,000 cash, passports, and credit cards to thieves while he was buying food at a bakeshop inside a mall in Quezon City, police said Friday.

Reports sent to the Quezon City Police District-Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit (QCPD-CIDU) headquarters in Camp Karingal showed that the victim was identified as Lee Ryong Jae, student, and a resident of Filinvest Village, Quezon City.

Police said the theft incident reportedly transpired while the victim was inside the SM Annex Building, North EDSA, Quezon City.

The report said the victim was buying food at the Touseles Jour Bake Shop when four unidentified people managed to take his bag.

According to the victim, aside from P100,000 cash, the bag also contains US$500 cash, three Korean passports and credit cards.

The victim immediately went to the police station to file a complaint. Investigation is still ongoing. (Francis T. Wakefield)

  • Flashy_Harry

    Er … whats a 15 year old (of any nationality) carrying around P100,000, + USD500, + 3 passports + ‘credit cards’ (can’t be his – too young, right?) – all foreigners are not millionaires…this Korean needs investigation first, I suggest??

    • popeyee

      hulihin muna mga lintik na kawatan saka mo itanong yang mga haka-haka mo…uunahin mo pa ang pagiimbistiga sa biktima? It’s non of the police’s business kung may bitbit man siyang 1 million pera o limang passport…

    • Meguesta

      so para sayo mas guilty pa ung nanakawan kaysa sa nagnakaw? hmmm….

    • enoughphildrama

      What is 100T nowadays?

      You can get a credit card even if you are under age in other countries. Basically, it is an extension of their parents credit card.

      100T, 500USD and a credit card does not make u a millionaire.

      Possible, it’s his friends passports he is carrying. Nothing to doubt about this kid. Just normal for some foreigners.

      • Flashy_Harry

        hi enough
        I cannot agree with you – carrying P100,000 in cash plus usd500 IS NOT NORMAL behaviour….the article states “credit cards” – how many parents credit cards does he need? and who gives their passports to anyone else in a foreign country to carry around for them? noone…this is a weird scenario which cannot be ignored as ‘normal’…sorry

        • enoughphildrama

          How’dy Flashy… (See, even you yourself is ostentatiously impressive) :)

          You are right, this is not as per normal. But then, when you are on holidays, life ain’t normal, right? You live like a king. You party as if there is tomorrow. You’ve got wads of cash with you. You do not work, You think you have endless cash supply. You are with your friends. And when you are underage, you do not think. That explains why he is carrying lots of money.

          Take note also, he’s from Korea. Definite the lifestyle is so different from what you normally would think. Credit cards are just handed out like ATM cards in first world countries. You actually do not need to beg to have one as compared to in the Phils. Banks will just offer it to you. All you have to do is accept it. And you can have as many as you want as long as you know how to pay it.

          Yes, it is a weird scenario because we are not use to it.

          FYI: My dad normally carries all our passports with him when we go on holidays. My partner always collects my passport together with her every time we go overseas. Same behaviour goes with my ex’es. It’s more for convenience.

          Anyway, we all live different. What is normal to you may not be normal to others. So then, we must not be suspicious that someone is living a criminal life to have something that we do not have. That is just my point.