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Kris ‘texting’ someone; patiently waiting for husband-to-be

Kris Aquino says she is willing to date older men

Kris Aquino says she is willing to date older men

While she earlier confessed that she isn’t dating anyone, Kris Aquino might just get a little help from her trusty cellphone.

In the Friday episode of her daily morning show “Kris TV,” the Kapamilya host-actress hinted on a supposed suitor with whom she has been communicating via SMS.

The admission came after telling guest co-host Kim Chiu, “’Di ba Kim is perfect now? Mukhang happy na siya unlike before.” The latter responded with a remark saying, “Parang in love ka, Ate?”

“Hindi pa, text-text lang,” Kris rebutted, laughing. “’Di ba ang cute no’n, text-text lang?”

She insisted after being teased by Kim, “Wala pa. Pine-pray ko lang. Pine-pray ko pa. Ibibigay ni God (in time)… Konting tiis, ’di ba, kasi busy. Wala akong time kaya okay na ’yung text-text.”

In defense to her staff’s claim that she has lately been caught smiling while reading message on her cellphone, Kris said, “Okay lang naman mangiti, ’di ba, kaysa naman umiyak ako.”

Guest Juda Liu, owner of Costa Brava Cupcakes, asked Kris: “Meron na pa lang nagte-text-text?”

Kris replied, “Oo. At least Tita, ’di ba?” She also told Liu that she is still interested in meeting other men, but with one requirement: They should be older.

“Tita, willing ako sa stockbroker ah. Okay sa’kin ’yun. Hanap niyo ako ng husband (niyo) tapos call me,” she said.

Responding to her plea, Liu asked, “Pero ayaw mo ng widower?”

“Gusto ko, Tita! Payag ako diyan. I like that! I like biyudo,” Kris exclaimed, making Kim burst into laughter. The 43-year-old actress added, “(Kahit) super old, okay lang sa akin ’yan.”

Explaining her stance on older men, Kris related, laughing, “Kasi si Bimby payag ’pag old na old na daw so we won’t kiss. Sabi niya shake hands lang daw ’pag matanda. Sabi ko, ‘okay, go.’ That’s Bimb’s limit.”

Kris, whose marriage with basketball player James Yap was annulled last year, earlier professed that she is willing to sacrifice love life for her children’s (Joshua and Bimby) sake.

“Sabi ko, ‘Sige na nga, God, if my two boys will remain good until the day I die at happy sila, kahit hindi mo na ako bigyan ng love life, okay lang. Basta mabait ’yung mga anak ko,” she said.