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Lead stars of ‘Boys Before Friends’ out of the series

Joseph Almani and Dawn Morrow ('Boys Before Friends' website)

Joseph Almani and Dawn Morrow (‘Boys Before Friends’ website)

The two main stars of “Boys Before Friends,” the American version of the Asian hits “Boys Over Flowers” and “Meteor Garden,” are out of the show.

The news was relayed by producers of the 16-episode web series on Facebook, posting, “We got some very disturbing news tonight. Joe Almani and Dawn Morrow have decided they no longer want to be a part of the project. We are sad to see them go and have no idea where we should go from here.”

Joe Almani plays Liam Montgomery in the series, which is now on its third episode. Dawn Morrow, on the other hand, plays Zoey Taylor.

Their roles are considered the equivalent to Goo Jun-pyo (played by Lee Min Ho) and Geum Jan-di (played by Ku Hye Sun), respectively, on “Boys Over Flowers.”

Posting on the same networking site, show director, executive producer and writer Kel Williams said:

“I know this news has been a shock. It has been a shock to us all. For legal reasons we cannot speak about what happened with Dawn and Joe but we really are sad that they will no longer be a part of this cast. We would gladly welcome them back with open arms but when it comes to the choice of canceling the show or moving forward, we have chosen to move forward,” Williams wrote.

However, both Almani and Morrow came out on Twitter to say that they were fired from the show.

“We were fired from the series. Not our choice,” Almani tweeted.

Morrow said, “We would’ve stayed but we were let go. Total bummer. My and @JosephAlmani’s decision to leave was not a decision. There were solutions offered but refused. Wish I could say more.”

Almani added, “My management did not like the level of professionalism on set. I was asked to leave when they voiced concerns.”

“Yes I would have liked to stay but business is business and i guess they want another #liam?????” he tweeted.

In an interview with Bulletin Entertainment last October when he was announced as the lead star of the show, Almani shared his happiness with the production team behind the series.

“I am thrilled to have this production company heading up this project. They are all diehard fans so what more could you ask for!! No one really understand the battles they are going through to bring this series to America. It has not been easy but they push through it every day,” he said.

Williams said, “When I started this project 9 months, it was with the dream to bring something I thought was amazing to an American audience. I thought that we would get an amazing cast, an amazing team and we would band together to do something great.”

She added, “This is my dream, I have put my life into it and I vow that we will still put everything we have into the production. We promised a 16 episode series, and we will deliver that regardless of obstacles that may enter our path. We are doing this for you, in order to be able to complete the show, and deliver our promise. We promise that nothing will stop us from completing this series for you the fans, the most important people to us.”


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