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Metro Manila garbage disposal costs P4.1B in 2012

A Commission on Audit annual audit report covering the 17 local government units of Metro Manila indicated that the total garbage collection tab for 2012 has reached P4.1 billion, with Quezon City spending the most.

Quezon City, which is now asking residents to pay for garbage hauling services, shelled out the biggest amount of P920.7 million. QC Mayor Herbert Bautista and members of the QC council have unanimously approved the much-criticized garbage fee ordinance which will require residents to pay annual fees of P100 to P500 depending on the homeowners living space.

Manila was the second city which spent the most to get rid of its trash.  It disbursed from the city coffers a total P512.564 million in 2012 and the same amount the year before.

Manila Bulletin

GARBAGE GALORE. Sweepers cleared bags of garbage from Luneta Park yesterday, January 2, following the celebration of New Year’s Eve which gathered hundreds of thousands of people. The Luneta Park is the most popular site for Christmas and New Year celebrations. (Photo by ALI VICOY)

QC’s general appropriations was P12.44 billion while Manila was P19.9 billion in 2012.

The third city with the highest garbage expenditures was Makati at P424.168  million.

In Caloocan, garbage hauling was costly, too, at P421.933 million in 2012.

In 2011, Caloocan City’s trash tab was P472.64 million, while Makati was P419.114 million.

Parañaque’s garbage disposal ate up P383.901 million of the city’s budget, while Pasay needed P380.808 million to get rid of its trash.

The rest of the LGUs by order of their “environment/sanitary services” expenditures in 2012 are:

Pasig City – P294.723 million (P294.763 million in 2011)
Mandaluyong City – P206.539 million (P223.015 million)
Muntinlupa City – P204.96 million (P198.015 million)
Valenzuela City – P109.82 million (no 2011 figure)
Las Piñas City – P90.438 million (P38.36 million)
Malabon City – P79.972 million (P89.876 million)
San Juan City – P75.32 million (P67.89 million)
Marikina City – P42.572 million (P49 million)
Navotas City – P41.072 million (P40.408 million)
Pateros – P9.349 million (9.664 million)

COA’s annual audit reports on Taguig City for 2012 and previous years did not provide the breakdown of expenses on the environment/sanitary services item under its Consolidated Statement of Income and Expenses.