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Miss Iriga 2014 pageant surprises Tom-Den tandem

Miss Iriga 2014 beauties

Miss Iriga 2014 beauties

Actors Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo served as judges at the annual Miss Iriga 2014 beauty pageant recently.

The duo, who became a popular love team following their stint in the hit series “My Husband’s Lover,” were surprised to know that the tilt didn’t have a swimsuit competition portion.

“We weren’t made aware. That’s what we always look forward to in a beauty pageant,” both admitted.

In lieu of the swimsuit portion, the contestants paraded in white shirts that speak of Filipino values.

Tom shared, “I didn’t even expect that. Maybe there were guidelines set prior as to what values they would want to highlight on their shirt, but you could easily distinguish the ones that actually believe what was written there, from those that, maybe, just memorized it.”

Both Tom and Dennis went beyond the given criteria when “grading” each contestant. They still placed importance on traits like beauty, intelligence and personality but they also gave considerable weight on the manner that a contestant answered a question.

Tom commented on how some contestants in pageants seem to go round in circles with their answer.

“The answer need not be very intelligent. Just being able to answer the question even in a simple manner was good enough for me,” Tom explained.

Iriga City mayor Roland Felix Y. Alfelor

Dennis Trillo, Tom Rodriguez and Christian Bautista with Iriga City mayor Roland Felix Y. Alfelor

Dennis agreed but added that he was looking more towards finding that elusive “x-factor” while judging the contestants.

“It’s a must for me. Like, when you see her the first time, you just know she has it,” remarked Dennis.

As for the reason the pageant doesn’t have a swimsuit portion,former Mayor Madel Alfelor Gazmen explained, “It was my  sister’s idea. Before we had that but we put a stop to it after the contestants were heckled. We thought it degrading. We don’t like that. We would like to give the contest some integrity particularly as it involves women.”

The contest theme was “Strengthening the Moral Fiber.”

“When you look at first world countries like, for example, Japan, Germany, England and France, a common factor is love of culture and having strong moral values. So in order for us to improve our lives, we need to do that also. We need to promote moral values inherent to being a Filipino,” stressed Mayor Gang.

Another surprising facet of the pageant was that of the contestants being made to interpret a scene from a popular movie.

The winners were Marvi Ann R. De Lima, Miss Iriga 2014; Louise Pauline Christelle B. Resoles, Miss Rinconada 2014; Princess Joy C. Burce, Miss Bicol Tourism.

At the moment Dennis Trillo is working on “Sa Puso Ni Dok,” a weeklyseries on GMA News TV; and the movie “The Janitor,” an entry in the 2014 Cinemalaya Film Festival.

Tom Rodriguez is busy with “My Destiny,” a drama series that also stars  Carla Abellana.