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Mixed automated polls in 2016

Comelec to use PCOS plus a second, compatible technology

Is the mixed automated election system (AES) the answer to the nagging poll fraud allegations that are always associated with every poll exercise?

This will be known when the Commission on Elections (Comelec) starts using the mixed election technology in the 2016 national elections.

The use of the mixed AES in 2016 was revealed yesterday by a very reliable source, who said that the Comelec en banc has already decided that voters will be using the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines and a second voting technology in 2016.

The decision, the source said, is expected to be formalized today, Tuesday.

The Comelec Advisory Council (CAC) had earlier recommended to the poll body the use of multiple or mixed technologies for the 2016 polls.

Among the technologies the CAC recommended are the Optical Mark Reader (OMR) system and the Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) as secondary technology. It also recommended Internet voting for Filipinos overseas.

“In principle, it has been decided to use the mixed technology. It is not a total adoption but we are basically following the CAC recommendation, although there will be some modifications,” a Comelec source said in an interview.

“We will still use the PCOS but we will also look for a second technology that will be acquired through public bidding,” the source added.

Asked why the CAC recommended the use of mixed technology, Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez could not provide a categorical answer. He said that the advisory council probably recommended the re-use of PCOS because the voters are already familiar with it, while allowing a second technology will open the AES to other technological systems.

“Since they are already familiar with the PCOS, the voter education requirement is minimal,” he said.

According to the poll insider, the second technology should be compatible with the PCOS machines.

During the May, 2013, midterm elections, the Comelec acquired 80,000 PCOS units from Smartmatic International for P1.8 billion.

  • PurpleDaisy13

    mga og@gs pala tong trollers dito.. ano pang transparency hinahanap niyo, bilangin ng mano mano.. e di lalong nadaya..

  • Dave Deluria

    I’ve voted 2x using the PCOS machine and both times I am satisfied. The speed of the election results ensured there was no time for shenanigans and the teachers manning the election stations could do their duty fast. There will always be allegations by losers and no amount of transparency will satisfy them who spent millions only to see it all be for naught. I do agree it is quite expensive for electronics that depreciate fast so I too prefer the country lease them instead so that our country isn’t burdened with it’s maintenance.

  • aristotle

    COMELEC should decide already what system to use. 2016 is getting near, people needs to get informed if ever a new system gets picked.

  • sea eagle

    need smart voters and knows the issue,like VP Binay is a thief,now do you want to vote a thief who will plunder the country,a smart voter will say no and a dumb ass voter will say yes,dont blame the machine.

  • eagleclaw101

    No amount of clean honest election can ever be achieved as long as this fraudulent PCOS machine plus this allege second compatible technology of Sixto Brillantes will
    prescribe the conduct and direction of 2016 Election.

  • vg

    Let’s stop all the automated systems until they are made transparent and not subject to being controlled.

    • aristotle

      This can not be transparent, the results are sent over the airwaves. So, making this technology transparent will push the system susceptible to hacking.