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More than 182,000 officials punished in China graft crackdown

BeijingChina’s ruling Communist Party punished more than 182,000 officials last year in its high-profile anti-corruption campaign, authorities said Friday.

Anti-graft authorities across the country last year received more than 1.95 million allegations of corruption and agreed to investigate 172,532 cases, said Huang Shuxian, a deputy head of the ruling party’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, at a briefing.

Huang said that as a result, a total of 182,038 officials were given disciplinary punishment, which can range from a mere warning to expulsion from the Party or worse.

“Disciplinary authorities at all levels… upheld imposing punishment upon all the corrupt,” he said.

Communist chief Xi Jinping has taken a much-publicised hard line against graft since coming to power a little over one year ago, warning that corruption could destroy the party.

Graft causes widespread public anger and Xi has pledged to stamp down on high-ranking officials, or “tigers”, along with low-level “flies” to maintain the purity of the organisation.

At the same time he has mounted an austerity drive, with a range of measures including limits on banquets and bans on gift-giving.

So far at least 19 officials at vice-ministerial level or above have fallen since November last year, including Jiang Jiemin, head of China’s state-owned assets watchdog, and Li Dongsheng, formerly a vice minister of public security.

But critics say no systemic measures have been brought in to curb endemic graft.

  • m b

    Sad, we can’t nail down just one corrupt government official. The back log of cases needs to be cleared so we can move forward. The back log only aids our corrupt officials, real justice is rarely served and no money or assets are ever recovered. Think about it, the last assets we have recovered came from the Marcos era!

    For every peso the government spends on overhauling our backwards system, it would recover in return one hundred fold. My fellow Filipinos need to wake up and look at the progress our neighbors are making in their war against corruption. All are moving forward, while we are moving backwards.