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NAIA 1 tops worst list; old news, says Palace

Manila, Philippines – Terminal 1 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport has again been tagged as Asia’s and the World’s Worst Airport by the travel website “Guide to Sleeping in Airports” (

But a Malacañang official shrugged off the news as old hat while saying that government is moving to improve the facilities.

“This is not the first time na may ganoong comment. This is not something new,” said Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda.

Efforts are already being made since the NAIA terminal 1 was tagged as the worst airport in the world in 2011, Lacierda said.

“Things are being done to improve the facilities of NAIA 1,” Lacierda said, noting that multi-awarded furniture designer Kenneth Cobonque was among those experts tapped to innovate NAIA 1.

Those who participated in the vote conducted by the website tagged NAIA 1 as the worst airport in the world and in Asia. It was followed by the Bergamo airport in Italy and Calcutta airport in India.

The best airport in the world for sleeping is Singapore’s Changi International Airport, according to the website.

The list is based on a survey undertaken by the website from September 2012 to August 2013.

SleepingInairports community voted NAIA as the worst airport for comfort, amenities and over all experience.

“When selecting an airport to declare as the “worst”, travelers were asked to consider the four C’s: comfort, conveniences, cleanliness and customer service,” the website said.

The website published this comment on the website about NAIA Terminal 1: “Most other countries will at least try to do their best to make their main international airport look at least a bit presentable, realizing that it’s the main gateway for foreign visitors into and out of the country, but at this airport everything seems to have been done to make the experience as horrible as possible.”

Here is the list of World’s Worst Airports

1.            Manila NAIA (Terminal 1)

2.            Bergamo

3.            Calcutta

4.            Islamabad

5.            Paris Beauvais

6.            Chennai

7.            Frankfurt Hahn

8.            Mumbai

9.            Rome Fiumicino

10.          Los Angeles

Here is the list of Asia’s Worst Airports

1.            Manila NAIA (Terminal 1)

2.            Calcutta

3.            Islamabad

4.            Chennai

5.            Mumbai

6.            Jakarta

7.            Kuala Lumpur LCCT

8.            Hanoi

9.            Denpassar

10.          Bangalore

The Aquino administration has approved NAIA 1’s renovation plan with a P1- billion budget. The renovation is targeted to be finished before President Benigno Aquino III finishes his term.

Operational since 1981, the terminal had its last major makeover in 1996 in time for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit. The terminal has a capacity of 4.5 million passengers per year which was reached in 1991. NAIA Terminal 1 now averages 7.3 million passengers a year. (With a report from Mary Rose A. Hogaza)

  • flsim

    If we were #1 in 2011 and now still #1 in 2013 that means we have not improve. Where is the P1 billion budget? Anyway we are always consistent in worst thing.

  • jimmy

    Sayang na renovation na naman… Aquino kasi ang pangalan ng airport. Kung Macapagal yan walang renovation yan…
    Pnoy face reality, Aquino Airport will not be able to cope. Use and improve the Clark International Airport, high speed train to and from Manila is the answer to make it effective alternative.

    • dodindaga

      “Clark International Airport, high speed train to and from Manila is the answer to make it effective alternative.” — quite inefficient

  • Ande’ Llorente

    All the slogans of the Aquino administration such as “daang matuwid,” kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” and then “more fun in the Philippines” ay mga bulok….NAIA 1 still the “worst” … when is Pnoy see the bright light at the end of his tunnel vision. Wake up DOTC Secretary and the airport manager…or if you cannot do it … resign NOW!!!

    • RyanF1

      >”when is Pnoy see the bright light at the end of his tunnel vision”

      LOL you don’t mix metaphors! “Bright light at the end of the tunnel” has nothing to do with “tunnel vision”. You may experience tunnel vision without actually being in a tunnel. You may see a bright light at the end of a tunnel (meaning either is the end of the tunnel, or it’s an oncoming train) without experiencing tunnel vision.

  • Aristotle Sunio

    Travel website tag our airport as one of the worse by “Guide to sleeping in Airports”. Who are those people anyway.. no pun intended but ask any regular traveler if they want to sleep in the airports and possibly all of them will say no, except for back packers on limited travel budgets…

    • jimmy

      Have you been travelling overseas frequently? Makikita mo ang big difference if you do. Me, I travel a lot. Australia and across East Asia but proud pinoy. NAIA is really the worst airport i’ve been through. That is why I choose Clark International Airport as my preferred in and out from the Philippines.
      Should try it Aristotle… and judge for yourself.

    • dodindaga

      the wait for some connecting flights happen over night.

      airport in Seoul Korea has a lodging area within the airport.

      for an international airport, it is the worst i’ve been in. that’s why flying in, I fly PAL, they taxi onto NAIA 3 Terminal, which is more international worthy