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No super typhoon

Manila, Philippines — Don’t believe a “super typhoon” is going to hit the Philippines on Jan. 16-17, an official of Project NOAH (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards) said in the wake of a website’s prediction that a storm of Yolanda proportions will hit the country this month.

Project NOAH is the state-of-the-art disaster prevention and mitigation program developed mainly by Filipino scientists and engineers under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Dr. Mahar Lagmay, NOAH executive director, cautioned netizens to ignore the website’s prediction.

“Are we still going to believe the website? It already failed in its previous predictions,” he said.

The website said has a page on Facebook.

  • Dean Salter

    The problem is not so simple as just fix power lines and have the business’s open up right away ! I’m an American and I was on Leyte as a rescue worker, the road from Ormoc to Taclobon city was covered with coconut palm and power pokes as well as other trees, now since there are a Squatters that live right next to the road ! The trees cannot just be moved or bulldozed out of the way, then you destroy more homes and peoples lives, so if you have 5000 downed trees now they have to be cut THEN moved, that takes time and is slow going, then 1/2 or more than 1/2 the power poles are down, and have to be replaced ! Each pole must be buried 4-6′ deep that takes time, power lines need to be reconnected where they snapped etc! It dosnt happen overnight ! Now the business opening up ! Great Idea but whet are the employees to do, stop their own recovery and life of finding lived. Ones or a new home ! While you move on they wait ! As well as the greed in ALL Filipino business men’s heads will still prevent that !! I can tell you stories of greed that clearly prevented our group from performing our intended relief mission,
    Check out and like my Face book page. BALIKBAYAN PROJECT HOPE, we are planning a second relief mission for February please help us help others !!

  • Joe_dv0729

    A major disaster is predicted to strike this year, and even if it would not hit the Philippines, our Disaster Preparedness Management Team should be ready at all times. Learn the lesson from Super Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan, which was anticipated but people were caught by surprise. Approximately 72 hours before landfall, adequate relief goods such as rice, canned goods, and bottled water are readily available for distribution. All available electricians who can volunteer their time should be on standby basis, because powerlines are the first to sustain major damage. Therefore, once the areas are cleared of debris, the first wave of electricians can restore the power in mattet of hours and not by days.

    When a natural disaster of that magnitude threatened an area, local government nearby need not be told to take immediate and appropriate action. Time is the factor here, and all available manpower, machineries and supplies must be made available.

    For example, a typhoon hit parts of Central Luzon, and government maybe short in food supplies to deliver. If there is/ are supermarkets in the nearby areas such as SM, WALTERMART, OR PUREGOLD, it is incumbent upon these businesses to act immediately. Would it not be helpful to some extent?

    • twas brillig

      When a natural disaster of that magnitude actually HITS an area especially in an area like the Philippines (where infrastructure is relatively fragile), electricians would still require weeks to repair the damage in the best of situations.

  • Odd Jørgen Eìde

    Doomday Profets! I guess that NOAHs management belongs to Jehovas Witneses!

    • benjie

      if NOAH failed, then improve it!
      If you don’t believe in that project then you yourself also failed to do your job, the Filipino people couldn’t also believe in you.
      Please don’t put everything to waste.