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Pacquiao may fight in Russia

Don’t be surprised if Manny Pacquiao ends up bringing his act to, well, Russia.

Yeah, you read it right. And it could happen in the dead of winter.

That is, if Pacquiao continues to win and remain a hot property.

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Manny pacquiao

Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank is plotting Pacquiao’s last few fights, including the one scheduled for April 12 against Tim Bradley at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

According to Arum, Russia has a lot of influential and “rich people” who would be ecstatic to see Pacquiao strut his stuff and importing the Filipino icon over to Moscow is on his radar screen.

Russia is one of three sites Arum wants to see Pacquiao see action later this year.

Macau, the former Portuguese colony where Pacquiao beat up Brandon Rios last year, is also high on the list. Same goes with Las Vegas, which has always been a major player in staging marquee matchups.

But Russia’s entry is an intriguing one but Arum believes it is a viable option owing to its rapidly rising economy.

Still, Pacquiao has to maintain his stature as a major mover in the sport for all these plans to become a reality.

A loss in his much-awaited ring return this summer could derail everything Arum has lined up for him.

Although Pacquiao’s contract with Top Rank expires at the end of the year, it is not far-fetched that Arum and Pacquiao might agree to an extension given the rapport between them and the deep affection they have developed through the years.

It was under Top Rank that Pacquiao blossomed into a crossover star although Arum had to join hands with chief rival Golden Boy Promotion in hosting some of Pacquiao’s greatest hits.


  • vikki martin

    It is
    a timely move in time for the winter Olympic there. Go and explore the world.

  • Al m. Oranaz

    very goood but i prefer UK

  • Glen

    Another Bullshit Article.

  • Raymond G.

    Manny Pacquiao has loyal written all over his face although his aware of what TopRank is doing to him, he will not break his contract with TR or seek another Promoter because he has a shady, suspicious, and misleading advisor (Koncz).

    • Rufus99

      He’s a fool! Loyalty ahead of the welfare of his family, his children? You think Arum or Koncz will be there to financially support them 10-15 yrs from now? He’s at the end of a long fighting career staring at a potential $68M tax liability and you’re talking about loyalty?

      • Fan

        You are right! 10-15 years from now, both Arum and Koncz will not support him financially because by that time both men are already 6 feet below the ground.

        • Rufus99

          That’s even worse dumbass, but you missed the point. Sacrifice your family to be loyal to two guys who won’t be around to help you.

          • Fan

            He is an adult dick moron… He can decide for himself. Why are you questioning his decision? Will you help him instead if that time comes? Obviously not coz you can’t even help yourself. Hahahaha!

  • Randy Solis

    Once Pac’s contract is up I’d join GBP or another promoting company that will allow me to fight anyone without delaying on which promoter they belong to . Most of the fighters we want Pac to fight are with GBP. So I believe he will be limited in big time fights if he resigns with Top rank.