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Pacquiao vs Mayweather in 2015, says Bob Arum

Macau — Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum believes the ball is on Floyd Mayweather’s court and he is very optimistic that a megabuck matchup with Manny Pacquiao can finally take place sometime in the spring of 2015.

Arum said rival TV networks HBO and Showtime are dying to make the fight and “they can find a way to promote and satisfy both sides from a legal basis,” Arum told the Bulletin on Monday afternoon after presiding over the kickoff leg of the Pacquiao versus Chris Algieri promotional tour.

“With Showtime wanting the fight and HBO wanting it and Manny and Top Rank wanting the fight, there is one little step to take and that’s to see where Floyd stand and we’re optimistic that this time, Floyd will bite the bullet and do the fight on equitable terms,” said the 82-year-old Top Rank chief.

Arum had initially thought that making such a fight is impossible but he has received information lately that has convinced him otherwise.

“I think it’s going to happen and I am very optimistic (of it taking place),” said Arum, noting that Las Vegas is the obvious frontrunner and that Arlington, Texas, where the massive Cowboys Stadium is located, are the suitable venue.

Pacquiao also thinks Mayweather doesn’t have a choice but to give in to the pressure that will be applied by Showtime.

“He doesn’t have a choice but to accept,” said Pacquiao as he was preparing to board a private plane for Shanghai, the next stop of a six-city promotional tour aimed at drumbeating the Algieri showdown.

  • edvicious

    This is the question: is there any other challenger to Mayweather that can make a bout against him as big as Pacquiao can or even just half as big? The answer is NO so that alone should make it obvious why Pacman deserves at least half, maybe more, of what could be earned from their bout. Hey, you’re talking unprecedented holder of eight weight division titles no less. A record that could last several decades.

  • mang porong

    It WON’T HAPPEN, period.

  • Dao27

    Mayweather is scared..that’s the truth.

  • King43

    The problem is Bob Arum. Even in the article above he thinks he is going to dictate where the fight is going to happen, how much each fighter is going to make….all that is under Floyd’s control and the sooner he realizes that the sooner we can watch this fight. The ball is in Floyd’s court meaning he runs this shizzle!!!

    • Rufus99

      Bingo! Bob will continue to posture like he/Pacquiao have negotiating leverage; they don’t. And Bob will never accept a deal as the B-side of a promotion. Last, neither Top Rank or Manny have an exclusive deal with HBO; more Bob bullshit to cloud the issue.

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

    “Mayweather might not have a choice because of the pressure from Showtime”— says,Pacquiao.
    True.But, he (Mayweather) might not go for it, due to “cold feet”and panic attack upon hearing the Filipino’s name.