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Pet Internet trends 2014

New data from Klooff, a leading application for pet photo-sharing, reveals the latest trends in pet-related Internet activity on a global scale and it seems that the well-loved British royalty dog, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is also now the darling of many Filipino dog lovers. dogs infograph, Manila Bulletin China and Japan, however, are still seriously in love with their Chow Chow and Akita, respectively. The French Bulldog currently enjoys more attention than any other dog breed in the U.S, while over at U.K. the Boxer currently has the key to the hearts of many English men and women.

In addition to revealing the most popular dog breeds in 22 different countries, Klooff also gives 2014 insights on cats which rule the Internet more than dogs do.

Russians happen to be big on cats, too. Klooff data reveals that Russians are more likely to post cat photos than Americans.

cats, Russians and cats, Manila Bulletin










Cat selfie is the Internet pet trend of 2014. Grumpy Cat and Maru the cat know this to be true.

cat selfie, Manila Bulletin










Cat photos get 2.3x more shares than dog photos.

cats, Manila Bulletin










Another noteworthy pet trend for 2014 is the rise of hedgehogs. The little spiny mammal is now the No. 1 exotic pet of choice of people around the world according to Klooff.

hedgehog, Manila Bulletin

Hedgehog is the no.1 trending exotic pet online according to Klooff. (Photo from Paul Libid)