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PhilHealth sets package to cover measles cases

The Philippine Health Insurance (PhilHealth) Corporation announced on January 14 that it is now covering regular measles cases after outbreaks were observed in many areas in the National Capital Region and in some provinces.

PhilHealth President and CEO Alexander Padilla said measles was previously delisted from the case rate scheme list because there was almost no admission of cases for simple measles.

However, complications from measles such as pneumonia, dehydration and encephalitis (brain swelling) were continuously covered by PhilHealth.

PhilHealth spokesman Dr. Israel Francis Pargas said the simple measles case rate package will be revived this month.

Patients will be covered for P7,000. Pargas said the coverage will be implemented retroactively which means those who were admitted even from January 1 to 14 can file for PhilHealth claims.

Meanwhile, PhilHealth will reimburse P15,000 for measles cases with moderate pneumonia and P32,000 for measles cases with severe pneumonia.