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Pinay impresses ‘X-Factor Israel’ judges

Rose “Osang” Fostanes (Screengrab from YouTube)

Rose “Osang” Fostanes (Screengrab from YouTube)

A Filipina caregiver from Israel, Rose “Osang” Fostanes, received a standing ovation and four votes of “yes” from the judges of “X Factor Israel” on Oct. 26 to make it to the roster of the show’s contestants.

“I love my job, and I love to take care of old people and give them some attention… Maybe if I join and win in this competition, my life will really change,” she said in the introductory video segment that preceded her audition.

Performing Shirley Bassey’s “This Is My Life,” Rose a native from Taguig City, stunned judges Ivri Lider, Shiri Maimon, Rami Fortis and Moshe Peretz.

After the performance, Rose got emotional because of the reaction she received from the judges and audiences.

“Rose, take it in because you deserve it so much,” Judge Ivri Lider said adding, “The song you chose is so right for you.”

“It was wonderful. No words. You have the X factor,” Rami Fortis said.

“It sounded like it is a CD. It is perfect. I just can’t believe it’s your first time to perform on stage,” judge Shiri Maimon said.

Meanwhile, Rose, a lead vocalist for a band that performs in a small bar in Tel Aviv, said that she is still single because “I’ve been looking for many years and I forgot to find somebody…”

The 46-year-old singer is a metapelet (Hebrew for caregiver) who lives in a small house with three other caregiver friends.