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PMA: PH lacks 930,000 doctors

The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) expressed concern over the shortage of doctors in the country.

“At our present count, we have 70,000 active members of the PMA and that relegates to a shortage of 930,000 doctors, more or less,” PMA President Dr. Leo Olarte said.

According to the PMA chief, the ideal ratio is to have one doctor for every 100 individuals or one million doctors for 100 million Filipinos.

Olarte also lamented that the devolution system among hospitals and other health care facilities continues to pose a problem in the provision of basic health services.

“There is a clamor to place these health institutions again under the fold of the Department of Health (DoH) because most are lacking in funds,” Olarte said.

In 1991, the local government code was passed effectively placing operations of provincial hospitals under the jurisdiction of LGUs.

Devolution, Olarte said, has affected not only the the delivery of health care services but also the salaries and benefits of health workers.

This, Olarte said, forced most doctors to seek greener pastures abroad.

He also said that there is a need for Congress to amend the law and bring back local hospitals.

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    I am a doctor but not a member of PMA. Dami kami. :-P . Pero I agree, devolution of health services failed in its objectives. Devolution only became a milking cow of the politicians in the local level. Worse, the delivery of public health services became politicized in most of the areas in the country. The presence of national programs such as Doctors to the Barrios, as well as their inability to provide just compensation to the existing health care workers, are the obvious proofs that the local governments cannot deliver the task given to them by devolution. It is a frequent complaint of long time health care workers that it was better then when health was not yet devolved.