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POEA deploys 1.8M OFWs in 2013

Despite the deployment ban in some countries, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) said it was still able to send around 1.8 million overseas Filipino workers (OFW) abroad in 2013.

Last year, POEA issued a deployment ban in Egypt, Yemen, and South Sudan due to their respective armed tensions and deteriorating security situation.

POEA administrator Hans Cacdac, however, said these failed to make a dent in the country’s deployment figures since it did not affect major destination countries for OFWs.

“These war-torn or politically unstable countries are not among the countries, which traditionally employ Filipinos. That is the reason why our deployment was not affected in 2013,” Cacdac said.

Cacdac said most of the deployed OFWs last year sought employment opportunities in popular destination countries in the Middle East which includes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.

He said the sectors which have the highest demand for OFWs in the Middle East last year include the construction, oil and gas, and medical fields.

“We usually finalize the figures at end of March, but based on the figures that I saw yesterday, we are able to match the 1.8 million deployment in 2012, which was the highest in previous years,” Cacdac said.

“While complaint against illegal recruitment has been declining, we still cannot let our guard down as long as overseas market continuous to grow. This will be addressed by our new app,” Cacdac said.

He said the mobile app will allow more overseas jobseekers to easily access POEA’s website in their smart phones.

“With just a touch of their mobile phones, they will be able to determine if their recruitment agency has the necessary licence to operate and job order,” Cacdac explained.

He also said users could also report the operations of unscrupulous recruitment agencies to POEA through the contact information of the mobile app.

The mobile app could be downloaded for free at Apple and Google apps store.

  • Forcetoreckon

    Magtatanong la po: yun bang 1.8 million yun ba mga bagong OFW o kasama sa bilang na yan yung mga nagbakasyong OFW at bumalik sa kani kanilang bansang pinagtratrabahuan. Salamat po!

  • Gilbert Mendoza

    Bakit parang ipinagmamalaki pa ng ating gobyerno na nakapagpaalis sila ng ganyang karaming pinoy para magtrabaho sa ibang bansa? Dahil ba sa dagdag na kita sa kaban ng bayan o sa kakulangan ng hanapbuhay sa atin?

  • Rodolfo Pacheco

    Dapat bang ipagmalaki yan? Ibig sabihin na dumarami na ang walang trabaho or yong mga underemployment sa bansa.