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Presidential sisters endorsed nobody for 2016

President Aquino yesterday clarified that his siblings have not endorsed anyone for the 2016 elections.

He was reacting to earlier reports that the Aquino sisters are rooting for Vice President Jejomar C. Binay to succeed him in 2016.

“The gist of their statement was, ‘If he can continue what our brother started, then thank you, that would be good,’ which is not exactly the same as you should continue,” Aquino clarified.

“They were asked to react on a statement that there should be someone who should continue the reforms we started,” the President said.

Meanwhile, the President said that if he’s given the chance to take a glimpse at his parents, he envisions them to be smiling at him for what he has done for the country.

“The best compliment they could give is to smile at me and that’s it,” Aquino said in an interview over TV5.

The President said it is not his parents’ style to give further compliments, adding that his parents expect him to do the right thing.

Aquino remembered that when he was in grade school and he was number three in his class, his father asked when he would be number one.

“Both of them guided me well and pushed me to do the best,” Aquino said.

On August 21, the nation will commemorate the death of his father, former Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., while the death anniversary of his mother, former President Corazon C. Aquino, was observed last August 1.

  • leomar101

    Ano naman ang mapapala ng mga kandidato kung mag endorsed ang mga lintek na yan. anop ba ang nagawa nila sa bayan? Nangutong na nga ang isa ng 30 million dollars ant ang isa pa ay pati gatas na pang dede sa mga bata pinag initan pa hehehehe. Akala mo mga santa yon pala mga anak lang sila ng nanay nila. Tapos ginawa ng mga bayani o model. bwahahaha.

  • Joseph Rizal

    i don’t really care even if kris aquino exposed her third nipple to sway my vote. There is no reason for me to listen to them…..

  • Maria Israel

    Naks naman – nagpalabas na wholesome, nice and kind Pinoy or chinese family sila…..pero kong alam lang na parang bastardo mang-react..DUMP lang ang PINAY…very clever and manipulative talaga ang pagka scrupulous sa nang una sa Pinas…..react..react….parang trato lang sa kapwa “tao,” aso lang, na gi-Pavlovian theory ang gi-apply…..inhuman pala na naging pangulo pa pati sa Pinas…well, I could summarize, anyone can lead a nation who can maltreat a person along the way perhaps to Malacanang…..imagine the luxury and him who enters a room with the band starting to play hail to the chief….that can think of “Tadyakin” lang iyang Pinay na iyan……