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Red Cross steps up aid to 40,000

Zamboanga City — The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has stepped up its humanitarian aid to 40,000 people still displaced and housed in the different evacuation centers in this city, seven months after heavy fighting broke out in September 2013 between government forces and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) that lasted for 21 days.

Gareth Gleed, in charge of the ICRC’s activities in Zamboanga, said “Displaced people are still largely dependent on assistance from government and foreign and local aid organizations.”

Data from the local health office here indicated that malnutrition has resulted, with children dying from otherwise preventable diseases.

Supplemental feeding of children under the age of five and support to families with pregnant or lactating women are priorities in the drive to push down malnourishment rates, according to the same health data.

About 40,000 people, who lost homes and livelihood in the fighting, have received cash without conditions, Gleed said, giving them the freedom to invest in what they need most.

Cash-for-work schemes for about 1,200 displaced people are helping ensure that garbage is collected and disposed of at the Joaquin Enriquez stadium and along Cawa-Cawa shoreline, the ICRC observed.

“Our aim is to help those who have lost everything regain control of their lives,” Gleed said.

He also said that in different parts of the Philippines, thousands of people affected by fighting need humanitarian assistance.

In Zamboanga City and other parts of Mindanao and the Visayas, the ICRC is helping communities to recover and rebuild amid long-standing cycles of violence and poverty.

  • Rltr. John R. Petalcorin

    MNLF RIGHT OF REPLY to “Red Cross steps up aid to 40,000″ (Manila Bulletin 10 May 2014).

    While the foreign AID are gradually pulling out after they realized that the Zamboanga crisis is a scam of the Government of the Philippines, Phil Red Cross (PRC) steps is to extend furthermore the suffering of the people who asks nothing but the removal of the restriction of their return to the place of origin. Climaco is using scare tactics to prevent the displaced from returning to their origin. This action of PRC, participating in a scam, covering-up a scam, will destroy the integrity of PRC.

    MNLF Commander Habier Malik, MNLF Leader Nur Misuari, and all members of the Genuine MNLF are not participants in that chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013. No MNLF was hurt, arrested, injured, or killed in that incident. Nevertheless we have Zamboanga City resident MNLFs who were displaced because they had to evacuate out of Zamboanga City in response to the evasive orders of the MNLF via FB/MNLFpage.

    That chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013 was purely a squatter demolition operation (an act of destroying the entire community to remove the human settlers who don’t possess land titles) by the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and simultaneously a “False Flag Operation” (a military operation of doing terrorist acts while wearing the opponent’s flag) of the GPH to smear dirt on the face of MNLF and the Mindanao Independence Movement. The implementers of the squatter demolition merely used MNLF actors (counterfeit MNLFs) to act as running rabbits to ignite chaos that would provide reason for the squatter uprooters to move into the designated demolition zone. It is an open secret in Mindanao wherein GPH Military and GPH Police manufacture counterfeit MNLF uniforms, recruit poor uneducated boys, and ask them to wear the MNLF uniforms to do dangerous money-making activities such as extortion, squatter demolition, false flag operation, and even stage-play armed conflict in order to get AFP Medals or PNP Medals (for example: search the internet for article titled “Army officer na nagpapagawa ng MNLF uniform, iniimbistigahan”).

    The chaos of in Zamboanga City of September 2013 was a squatter demolition that was long planned by the LGU of Zamboanga City under the leadership of Mayor Climaco, in line with real estate development in Zamboanga. They are also hoping to rake in millions of humanitarian donations. if you are into humanitarian aid and charity work, I recommend you search and read the following articles:

    “Boy’s death latest in Zamboanga City shelter”. Inquirer. 23 March 2014.

    “Long after MNLF siege, death toll still rising”. Inquirer. 24 March 2014.

    “Zamboanga folk rally: ‘We’ve had enough’”. Inquirer. 3 April 2014.

    If the evacuation was a result of a real armed conflict, a ceasefire that we proposed through Vice President Binay should have been applicable, but it was not applicable because it was no real armed conflict. If the evacuation could have been a result of a real armed conflict, the uprooted people who are temporarily sheltered in evacuation camp in the Zamboanga City Grand Stand should have long been allowed to return to their lands after the supposed armed conflict. What is going on in the evacuation center now is like a Nazi Concentration camp, over 100 evacuees have already died by diseases. It’s like a Philippine style death wake where cadavers are displayed in the coffin for months to extend the opportunity of asking wake alms and donations.

    Even on this date of commenting, the uprooted people (Badjaos and Muslim minorities) are being disallowed to return to their lands — the human rights violation issue in relation to the uprooting is what the mainstream media and the Philippine government is turning a blind eye or perhaps hiding. The voice of those people says: “They are killing us slowly by keeping us here,” said Jalnari Hadjirul, a 61-year-old Badjao leader at Cawa-Cawa. “I think they should send us home now, or we will all die.” Can’t you hear their voice?

    I presume journalism companies understands the mechanics of the Right of Reply. As they repeat publishing the allegation that MNLF is involved in that chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013, I will also have to do my function to post a canned MNLF Right of Reply in the same venue.

    The message that says “followers of Moro National Liberation Front founding chairman Nur Misuari seiged Zamboanga in Sept 2013…” is a one sided allegation, a presumptuous opinion, and a pre-judgemental propaganda. By means of repeated publication of this message, Media are trying to precondition the mind of their readers to believe that MNLF was involved in that chaos. The manner they write it is neither fair nor balanced. There is, however, a room for improvement in how they write it by saying, “Some eight months after the alleged siege by alleged followers of MNLF founding chairman Nur Misuari…”.

    Due-Diligence is required in order for media to achieve balanced reporting. I am the first one they should talk with when they need to know the position of MNLF on any issue. If they want to conduct due diligence of who I am in the MNLF, they may call for a background check, the chief (lady Atty) of the Public Affairs Office of NAIA-1. She knows me because I coordinated our formal letter dated 8 Feb 2013 with her office the last press conference of Nur Misuari in NAIA-1. Ask her who formally coordinated the last Press Conference of Misuari in in NAIA-1 VIP Lounge in the morning of 9 Feb 2013. Since March 2013, no member of the mainstream media can interview Misuari without my permission. So, in any issues concerning the MNLF, I am the one they will contact first because I am the Communications Director in the side of MNLF. It is I who will refer them to the right person in the MNLF who is directly involved in whatever particular issue. I understand trabaho lang ang pagiging media, walang personalan; intindihin nyo rin na ang function ko ay trabaho lang din eto, walang personalan. I may not like many propagandist members of mainstream media personally for some reason, they may not like me personally for some reason, but we have to communicate kasi trabaho natin eto. Walang balanced news kung mangengembento kayo ng story about MNLF. Walang fair news kung magpapagamit kayo sa propaganda. Whatever I write here, they may quote it as the official MNLF position, and they may use my name as reference (i.e. “according to MNLF Director for Communications Rltr. John R. Petalcorin …..”).

    We, MNLF Officially denies participation in that chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013. Please be informed that MNLF Cmdr Habier Malik, MNLF Leader Nur Misuari, and all members of the Genuine MNLF are not participants in that chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013. This denial is based on the result of MNLF’s internal affairs field investigation, which rendered the following results: (1) there was no scheduled MNLF Peace Summit in 9 September 2013 Zamboanga City; (2) no member of the MNLF was hurt, arrested, injured, or killed in that incident; no member of the MNLF has gone out from their hometowns in small, medium, or large troops movement to conduct a terroristic invasion on the peaceful city of Zamboanga; (3) no member of the MNLF haveo “caddied” civilians out of armed conflict zones or take cover behind civilians; (4) no MNLFs member hid in houses, nor burned houses, (5) no MNLF member looted anything during that chaos; (6) no MNLF member violated their commitment to the peaceful methodology restriction of the Mindanao Independence Movement.

    Our main concern now are the children of MNLFs were forced to leave school because of that incident. We have Zamboanga City resident MNLFs who were forced to stop schooling and were displaced because they had to evacuate out of Zamboanga City in response to the evasive orders of the MNLF via FB/MNLFpage. The children of the displaced MNLFs, including that of Malik and Misuari have left school and they are scared to go back to school because of the stigma. There are about 500 of these displaced students now scattered everywhere. These kids are angry at the stigma against them, full of hatred in their hearts.

    Those alleged MNLFs by the name of “Bas Arki” and “Assamin Hussin” (we read in the newspapers), who are accused as commanders of the alleged seige, neither have record of membership in the MNLF, nor were they listed in the persons who support the Mindanao Independence. We picked up an unofficial list of names of the alleged MNLFs members who are now under the custody of GPH, who were accused of a crime of rebellion for their alleged participation in the Zamboanga chaos of Sept 2013; we verified the list via background check in the grounds and the investigation rendered negative result, meaning, no one in the list is a member of the MNLF. We published our findings in FB/MNLFpage and someone in the AFP commented that the list we have are all alyases — okay, granted — and we hope that the GPH will interrogate those persons in their custody to get their real names because we are willing to re-open a field investigation to ascertain if any of those are MNLFs.

    I have asked the GPH to transmit to me the digital file (or post the PDF file online) of the complete information of the cases filed by DOJ against Misuari so I can facilitate a formal reply, which would most likely include a video-taped interview with Misuari, but I did not get a response from GPH. I asked for a copy of any Warrant of Arrests for any alleged Genuine MNLFs (including Nur Misuari) who are still at large so we can start counting a one-year period of Hijra before we turn him in to the Courts, but I did not get a response from GPH. The members of the Commission of Human Rights attempted to visit the arrested alleged MNLFs but they were forbidden to conduct interview with the detainees (this was published in the newspapers). So, we think GPH is hiding something. I assume we are on the same page that innocence is presumed until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Whoever alleges, it is their task to present evidences, and there is no need for the accused persons (especially Nur Misuari) to cooperate.

    Trial by publicity may be advantageous to the GPH because of the stigma against the MNLF that it will create, but stigma will cause alienation and fear among the MNLFs and will backfire against the peace process. Not only humans, but even animals that are scared and cornered by the stigma will act violently in line with self-defensive and self preservation. The GPH is leaning its sharp elbow on the MNLF while writing the MILF-GPH deal — it hurts.

    For the past decades, it was proven that “integration” is one of the helpful keys towards peace. Creating a stigma against MNLF is a counter-integration and it is anti-peace.We had no MNLF informant in the middle of that chaos, hence, we have no idea who burned those houses, who looted from the houses, and who made that short action film showing some persons wearing MNLF uniforms who were playing with bazooka while playing patentero with some people who play the role of hostages.

    We have received a question from someone who claims to be a member of the non-combatant AFP in the area and he was asking if the PMAer who died in that chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013 was an MNLF because the dead body was wearing an MNLF uniform. With due respect to the family of my fellow PMAer, I have replied that he is not MNLF. He merely may have only followed orders to act as MNLF to pave the way for the False Flag Operation. We have read in the news that some AFP personnel were administratively charged for looting. I hope these looters in uniform are part of the charge. Try searching Google for articles titled: (1) “5 soldiers jailed for looting Zamboanga councilor’s house” dated 24 Sept 2013; (2) “5 soldiers arrested for looting in Zamboanga City” dated 24 Sept 2013; (3) “Soldiers accused of looting during Zamboanga crisis face …” dated 5 Nov 2013; (4) “AFP wrapping up probe on troops tagged in Zamboanga …” dated 5 Nov 2013; (5) “Palace: Soldiers found looting in Zambo will be punished” dated 25 Sept 2013; (6) “Group hits AFP over human rights violations during Zamboanga conflict” at Inquirer dated 1 Oct 2013; (7) “Int’l NGO raps PH with human rights breaches” at Manila Bulletin 1 May 2014.

    This chaos in Sept 2013 is already a result of AFP’s “habit”. The GPH’s false flag operation against Misuari and MNLF in Zamboanga of Sept 2013 is not the first time. The first time was in 2001. The first time they did it, the GPH were able to take custody of Misuari, and he stood on trial in court for 8 years. In 2001, a GPH-fully-funded team of prosecutor lawyers in Dept of Justice worked full-time for 8 years to find evidence to support their allegation and they presented tons of media publicities against Misuari as evidence. Media articles cannot be presented as evidence in court, so in 2009 the court acquitted Misuari because the DOJ failed to present a single valid evidence to support their accusation. The GPH is using the same tactics again in this Sept 2013 chaos, in fact, in the same venue, Zamboanga — they are like a frog that jumps into the same hole twice.

    John R. Petalcorin
    Director for Communications, MNLF

    • Sepilok

      “Gen. Teodulfo Bautista, fell in combat in 1977 under the gun of the MNLF.” – So you MNLF call it combat – when you hack someone to death, after inviting them to have a peace dialogue.
      Seems like the only way to deal with the leaders of the MNLF is with a M107A.

      • Rltr. John R. Petalcorin

        In 1977, I was still 4 years old. You got your story from the propaganda of the Armed Forces of the Govt of the Philippines. The MNLF oldies also have their different version of the story. Ten years after bautista fell, Philippine President Corazon Aquino, without bullet proofs and with only few personal guards, personally visited MNLF Leader Nur Misuari in his main camp in Sulu in 1987 for a dialogue, and she was not harmed. Although her military advisers scared her about MNLF, she went on her own way with confidence and was not afraid of MNLF because she knew the real story of how Bautista fell.

        The oldies have retired already. I am the primary negotiator of the MNLF now. For mutual security, transparency, and cost efficiency, we negotiate and do dialogues by Facebook Chat or Disqus or anyway through the internet. We don’t negotiate face-to-face. In short, you won’t be able to use your M107A (whatever that is) on me.

        • Sepilok

          One moment you are too old to be part of the SRF, the next you were only 4-years old in 1977 (so 36-37 now). Which is it John?
          Maybe the reason you aren’t going to be part of the SRF, is you are afraid you won’t live to spend your ill-gotten billions. Not that I actually put my faith in your Sabah Lease story.

          • Rltr. John R. Petalcorin

            I’m 4 yrs old in 1977, which means I was born in 1973. I’m already 40 years old now, too old for combat. My brains are working perfectly fine, but my body is already weaker compared to what it was when I was younger. I can no longer do long range running, crawling, prolonged hunger, carrying heavy steel guns. When I was younger, I do swim 1 Km everyday being part of the university swimming team. But now, damn, I can no longer do a 100 meter sprint swim. SRF work could mean months or even years in the vast grounds of Sabah — I am unfit for such field combat work. The SRF should be between ages 18-30. I may earn Billions of PF from this deal, but since I figured out that I only need few millions to live a decent life, the rest of the money goes to charity, perhaps to the widows, orphans, and aged mothers of the SRSFs who will fall in Sabah.

          • Sepilok

            John – there is no way I would want to be associated with a deal, that if it happened (which is highly unlikely) would unleash the biggest ethnic conflict ever to have occurred in Borneo. It would make our head-hunting past or the more recent dayak:Madurese conflicts look like mere cat-fight.

            The combined ethnic groups of Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan (Iban, Murut, Dusun, Kadazan, Sungai, Paitan, Rungus, Brunei Malay, etc.) against whatever your SFR could muster, but seeing as your MNLF aren’t allowed to come and that you are staying home – then it doesn’t leave you with much.

            While personally I would like to see both Sabah and Sarawak cede from Malaysia and form an independent state, there is no way I would allow my state to become part of a Sulu empire. Your brave Sulu Warriors – were historically nothing but pirates, and their past involvement here was mainly raiding our coastal towns for slaves/loot.

          • Rltr. John R. Petalcorin

            Sabah and Sarawak will cede from Malaysia. Sovereignty and Ownership are two different things. Sulu’s hold on Sabah is only in the aspect of Ownership. As I said, after we evict Malaysia, I am still studying and will make a decision on to whom will I give the Sovereignty of Sabah to — could be to Philippines, or Indonesia, or Singapore, or China, or USA, or Mindanao, or the Independent State of Sabah.

            So, if you want Sabahans to be an independent sovereign government in Sabah, I would be happy to give you the sovereignty in a silver platter (without blood-letting on your part) as long as you respect the right of its owner (Sulu) to lease and enjoy the fruit of the land that they own. From the lease income, I will facilitate an arrangement that Sulu will pay tax to the independent sovereign government of Sabah.

          • Sepilok

            yet again you contradict yourself:

            “I am still studying and will make a decision on to whom will I give the Sovereignty of Sabah”
            Here you appoint yourself as the sole determiner of Sabah’s fate. Yet later you pretent to throw us Sabahans a bone:

            “The right to govern Sabah belongs to Sabahans.”

            In posts elsewhere – you talk about making Sabah part of an Islamic State.

            Again you are showing a mixture of delusions of grandeur and naivety about International Law
            i.e. the UN Charter on Human Rights and UN Charter on the Rights of Indigenous peoples – both recognises the rights of the inhabitants of Sabah to self determination and ownership of ancestral lands. Neither of which you can take away from us.

            There is no evidence that the Tausug had control over the interior of Sabah, while there is substantial archaeological evidence for the occupation of those areas by the different ethnic groups in Sabah.

            Similarly there is no evidence that the Tausug had any control over the coastal area from Kota Belud down to the Sarawak border (areas not cover in the agreement with Overbeck) and again there is substantial evidence of ownership by the Brunei Malays – as this is the area with Sabah’s oil field you luck out on that bit of your get rich quick scam.

            That then leaves the coastal area between Kota Belud and down into the northern part of Kalimantan (i.e. the area specified in the agreement with Overbeck). As there are two lease agreements – the one sign in 1877 with the Sultan of Brunai and Overbeck and the one in 1878 by the Sultan of Sulu and Overbeck – coupled with the fact that the Brunei historical records dispute tha transfer of that area from Brunei to the Sulu sultan – this means that the historic ownership of that area is still in doubt. Good luck signing an agreement for lands with uncertain ownership.

            BTW: As the supposed agreement was between the Sultan of Sulu and the Sultan of Brunei – this does not mean that the lands belong to the MNLF. So you will need to work out which of the “Sultans” has the legitimate historical claim and then become their Broker.

          • Rltr. John R. Petalcorin

            Sepikok, assuming you are a pre-historic Sabahan, if you want to survive, you don’t have a choice. When SRSF arrives, you have to leave Sabah so you will not be caught in the crossfire between Malaysian troops and the SRSF. If we feel that you are against us, we will ship all of you to Kuala Lumpur. If we feel that you are supportive to the SRSF, we will use your able-bodied men in the grounds as scouts, and your vulnerable members (women, children, and aged) will be shipped to somewhere safe outside Malaysian territory.

            Our high-priority workload now is the perfection of the Lease Contract and eviction of Malaysians from Sabah. I will listen more about your political needs and wants later on after we secure the entire Sabah. At this early as now, you can only get my initial opinion and position about some issues you raised, but I cannot commit because my attitude on you depends much on your attitude on us.

          • Sepilok

            Oh – I will fight against the SRSF, as will my relative from Brunei, Sarawak and Kalimantan.

            My ethnic group has a long history of fighting and we were instrumental in fighting the communist in Malay (as part of the Sarawak ranger regiments) and against the Indonesian during konfrontasi – as jungle warfare is our forte

            Historically we clashed with both the Sulu and Bruneian and held much of the interior of northen Borneo.

          • Rltr. John R. Petalcorin

            When you said you will fight against the SRSF, that confirms you, Sepilok, whom I was discussing for a long time, is a Malaysian who is pretending to be an ethnic Sabahan, trying to derail the MNLF’s Sabah Recovery Project.

            For your information, our information shows that the indigenous Sabahan locals are neutral on this conflict. The only thing they ask is they be spared and given the time to flee away from the combat zone.

          • Sepilok

            Well your “Info” like most of the stuff you post is wrong. I suspect your information comes from your over-active imagination. You really think that Sabahan are going to let a bunch of pirates come in and confiscate our land, without a fight. Your mythical SRSF – would face armed opposition from us Sabahan.

          • Rltr. John R. Petalcorin

            Sepilok Malaysian, our info is 100% confirmed based on our intel in the grounds of Sabah and also based on empirical evidence. Malaysia’s reluctance to arm the local Sabahans is an empirical evidence that Sabahans are not willing to fight for Malaysia. Malaysia will not arm the Sabahans because they know that Sabahans will use the guns against the Malaysians.

          • Sepilok

            Unbeliveable, you really live in your own reality, either that or your intel is limited to the PTIs in Sabah (i.e. refugees from southern Philippines).

            Why are many of the Royal Ranger Regiment (among other regiments) made up of Sarwakian and Sabahans? For example 9th Ranger is exclusively for Sabahans, and other battalions are a mixtures of Sabahans, Sarawakians and west Malaysians.

            If you are taking about gun control amongst the civilen population – then yes it is harder to get a firearm here than in the Philippines and we are limited to shotguns for use in our kebuns, but that is the same in Sarawak and west Malaysia.

          • Rltr. John R. Petalcorin

            So, that’s it. Good luck.

          • Sepilok

            “The SRSF will shot you if you are hostile against the SRSF” –

            No worries there – I can accept that – as 1) the SRSF only exists in your over active imagination and 2) if by some unbelievable set of circumstances your SRSF did actually come to fruition – then that would also make you a legitimate target.