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Scuba diving for fitness and leisure

Who doesn’t want less stress in life? Your answer is the same as everyone else. Better take up underwater diving lessons then.

Scuba diver Dieter Heinz explains, “Ask any scuba diver a thing or two about stress and they’d tell you once they’re in the water they tend to forget their worries on land, that’s why they are often called the least stressed people on the planet. There’s something about the weightlessness and tranquility of the underwater environment that calms or soothes the mind, while the water eases our aching muscles.”

MARES Philippines , Dieter Heinz, Manila Bulletin

WATER THERAPY: MARES Philippines general manager Dieter Heinz.

In addition, the sport encourages correct breathing to ensure that the oxygen in the blood is kept at the correct levels; it’s an excellent way to burn calories and tone muscles due to greater resistance underwater; and it improves concentration, coordination, and the sense of balance.

“It is the one sport that works on body and mind,” says Heinz who was recently in the country for the launch of Scuba Academy Manila (SAM), an indoor scuba diving facility located at 7805 Vistamar Building, St. Paul Road corner Mayapis St., San Antonio Village, Makati. Heinz is also the general manager of MARES Philippines.

“It is poised to become the number one hub for scuba divers who will truly luxuriate in its most modern indoor scuba facility and scuba training center,” Heinz states.

SAM was created out of a partnership between MARES Spa Italy, a global brand of state-of-the-art diving equipment, and HEAD, a racquet sports brand endorsed by top-ranked tennis players Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova. The two companies have recently acquired the Scuba Schools International (SSI), the world’s second largest scuba diving organization and the name to trust in the diving world which has provided training, scuba diving certification, and education resources for divers, dive instructors, dive centers, and resorts around the world.

“SAM opens its doors to scuba divers and those who want to become one.  The school features a beach-like setting that will serve Filipino scuba diving enthusiasts perfectly well with the hope of helping inspire and share their excitement about this popular form of underwater diving,” says Heinz.

Diving instructors, scuba diving training session, Manila Bulletin

Diving instructors are coaching a mother and daugther during a scuba diving training session.

Prior to the opening of SAM, it has already been a training pool for divers in Metro Manila until it underwent major renovations. Now, the training pool is brought back to its old glory. The pool can now host up to 20 divers at the same time.

At the ground floor of the diving school is MARES Philippines headquarters and flagship store, which serves as a one-stop solution to everyone’s diving needs. “MARES products are a perfect match with SSI when it comes to swimming, snorkelling, freediving, spearfishing, and scuba programs,” he shares.

In conclusion, Heinz invites everyone to try diving at SAM through a special offering. “With a voucher, distributed in 50 sporting goods stores across the city, everyone can get access to the latest diving materials and different courses or book online. For an affordable P1,999, all inclusive, try the latest technology in scuba diving courtesy of MARES Philippines or simply test out the best scuba diving equipment.”

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