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Senate urged to block marijuana legalization bill

Senator Vicente Sotto III on Wednesday asked the Senate to block the passage of a bill at the House of Representatives seeking to legalize the use of marijuana.

In a privilege speech during the Senate plenary session, Sotto said that the move to legalize marijuana use and possession is a “door-opener to more dangerous drugs such as shabu, heroin and cocaine.”

“If we legalize the use of marijuana, it will become a disaster. Let us stand up against legalization now.otherwise there evil will take root,” he said.

Sotto stressed that the supposed medical benefits of marijuana have not been scientifically proven.

Sotto said Republic Act 9165, also known as the Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, classifies marijuana as a dangerous drug. Its possession and use is punishable from 12 years to life imprisonment, depending on the quantity.

He reminded his colleagues that the Philippines is a signatory to the United Nation’s Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs which classified marijuana as a dangerous drug.

”Every year, there are numerous petitions asking the U.N. that marijuana be legalized because of its so-called medical benefits. But the United Nations has consistently refused to give in to their petitions simply because up to now, there is no empirical data that could back-up their claims. I do not think that these people who are lobbying for the legalization of marijuana are much better than the powerful research machinery of the United Nations- Commission on Narcotic Drugs (UN-CND),’’ he said.

He said the Netherlands is now considering to prohibit the use of marijuana because based on their experience, the consumption of marijuana has tripled among the youth aged 18 to 20 years old since they have made its use legal.

  • Jeremiel Diaz

    is Sotto not backing up his statements with evidence on his reasoning
    not to legalize marijuana? Why is it that he is only stating opinions
    of what he thinks which are not factual information to back up his

    Also, “Sotto also said other
    countries that legalized marijuana “now have doubts” and are “on the
    verge of a rollback.” His examples included the Netherlands, Spain, and

    is more than evident that he NEVER DID HIS RESEARCH about the legality
    of marijuana as there is only ONE COUNTRY on earth that legalized
    marijuana and that is Uruguay.

    aforementioned countries haven’t legalized marijuana yet, but rather
    decriminalized the use of marijuana. In other words, marijuana is still
    not legal in his aforementioned countries, but you won’t get a criminal
    record for smoking marijuana in said countries, hence, decriminalizing
    the use of marijuana.

    stressed that legalizing marijuana will only promote substance abuse.”
    Has Sotto forgotten that alcohol is legalized and can be compared to
    his example as a substance abuse because there is a large population on
    earth that abuses alcohol as a beverage and yet it is legal with very
    little to no medical benefits.

    sum this up, based on the information I read on the article and how
    Sotto presented himself with his opinions about marijuana, Sotto doesn’t
    know what he is talking about as he appears to be sharing ideas and
    opinions about marijuana being bad rather than factual evidence on his
    reasoning why marijuana is bad.

    if there are no proofs to his statement, then in English that is called
    theories. And in slang English, in the streets of Los Angeles, we call
    theories “BULLSHIT” . Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

  • Michael Aaron Evangelista

    research using google and youtube…you will see many things…

  • Michael Aaron Evangelista

    did anybody get cancer for marijuana use? this is a hidden agenda of big pharmaceutical companies. they are hiding something and they invest a lot of money for making drugs which does not “cure”. marijuana is a cure for most diseases if it is regulated. legalizing marijuana does not mean “free of use” but government has to provide provisions on what extent or limits does legalization will cover. there are a lot of diseases which marijuana is “cure”. legalizing marijuana is a billion dollar lost to pharmaceuticals. so before you block this bill, you must do research first and have to make your good judgement why are so many pharmaceuticals spent billions of dollars only not to legalize this plant.