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Showbiz hype

I used to have these short conversations with columnist Cristy Fermin back when we were doing a talk show together (close kami?!). One memorable chat went:

MF: ’Nay, magaling po ba talaga si (name of singer)? Bakit nabigay sa kanya ’yung (showbiz title of the singer)?

CF: Naku anak, si (name of singer) ay isang malaking produkto ng hype!

MF: (laughs) Natawa ako sa hype, ’nay!

CF: Salamat sa kanyang manager at siya ay na-hype!

(Illustration by Greco Milambiling)

(Illustration by Greco Milambiling)

I really laughed hard hearing the term “hype” from her (kahit hanggang ngayon nga, laugh pa rin ako!). But I realized that it is really true in this business. The ’biz sometimes (teka sometimes nga lang ba?) exaggerates stories and situations (and too much!) to gain attention, hoping, of course, for better sales and ratings. Here are some situations prone to “hyping:”


TV Ratings

I don’t know if this question has really been answered: “Sino ba talaga ang number one sa ratings?” One network claims they have been number one for years. The other station says otherwise (ano ba talaga kuya?!). We cannot rely on survey results as they often vary. But since these networks brandish data to show that they are number one, they might as well hype it (so, again, sino nga uli talaga ang number one?!).


Box Office Results

The ads of some movies don’t just say “now showing,” they often go as far as to declare: “Now on its 2nd blockbuster week;” or “the movie earned 350-million pesos on its 3rd day!” and “Dinudumog! May hinihimatay pa (hinimatay talaga?!).” Some say these claims are true, but there are those who insist that they are mere ploy to attract more viewers (dahil ang totoo, nilangaw ito!).


Project And Talent

We usually watch a particular TV show or movie based on quality of the material and the performance of the talents. So expect the lines: “Ang ganda,” “De kalibre,” “Ang galing,” and “Pang-award.” But more often than not, when you see it yourself, you end up asking yourself: “Asan (kasalanan mo ’yan, naniwala ka!)!?”

I am sure there were some instances that you felt you have been robbed after watching a movie, and only because you never expected it would be that bad (sana nag-meme ka na lang kasi!).


Intrigues And Controversies

Controversies are already quite the media magnet (kasi kung hindi, ’di naman pag-uusapan!). It is a given in our culture as we love gossip. But some still hype it up (na minsan naiiba na ang istorya!). A simple breakup would often breed insinuation about a third party, physical abuse, drugs, money problems and what have you, but, in reality, they just fell out of love (well, bitin nga naman kasi kung ’yun lang, kaya dapat daw dagdagan!). There are also some instances that a celeb would deny a story for the longest time to amp the hype (’yung tipong aamin din pala, umarte-arte pa!).


Showbiz Tags/Titles

If a celebrity has been tagged with a title and it works for him, it only means he has arrived (may nakapatong nang korona sa ulo!). Managers, home studios and fans usually coin these tags. We have the Superstar, Star for all Seasons, Megastar, Diamond Star, etc. Of course, for the deserving, titles help uplift their worth. But some are just careless in using titles. They either cannot justify the tag or the tag is just simply too good to be true if not totally out of this world (kaya nga ang sabi ni Ana Dizon… “Ana Dizon is Ana Dizon!”).

There’s nothing wrong with promoting our projects (kasi paano malalaman kung wa ka promote?!) but let us not resort to twisting the truth or presenting unimaginable claims (’yung parang adik lang ang nag-isip!). We can sell good products with sound strategy (na, sige, may kointing-konting hype lang! Chos! Push!).


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