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  • Kabayan In Saudi

    Nagpa-papogi points pa ang mga senators, ang budget nila ay nakalaan sa gusto nila at “ministerial” ang monitoring nila. Pero ito ay palpak pa rin. Dahil gusto ng SC, walang “touch” ang congress sa specific budget allocations.
    Pag-ganito ang sistema, hindi na makapag salita ang mga kongresista sa mga “projects” nila during election campaign kasi wala na silang budget.
    Purely making laws lang ang magiging functions nila. Pero, dahil national in scope ang batas, walang appeal ito sa publiko at sa nasasakupan nila.
    In short, walang masabi sa masa at walang magandang plataporma ang pulitiko during campaign rally…he,he,he.

  • serchepp

    Even Sen. Lito Lapid or his horse understands what Unconstitutional means. These Senators especially Jinggoy are congenital plunderers!

  • mdc-McNulty™

    2014 budget and the whole Congress is infested with MALWARE, FLASHBACKS and TROJANS. We need a security agency to get those malwares out pronto. Send the marines to defend this country, they need to shock and awe those trojans and everything infested now, now, now, please…… send them the bunker bombs.

    Each and everyone of them, keeps pretending to tbe this white and squeaky clean official but deep down their throat, they all are blood sµçkers who continue to drain our treasury and our hard earned taxes. Why do we continue to keep any of these Congressmen and Senators. Put them all in Jail for once and keep them there till they reach 101 and die.

  • ED Sal Del

    The legalistic jargons and the subjective ( vested interests ) of the “Senatongs” remain in full display.

  • qwertyJJJ

    Their lump sum discretionary fund are clear manifested by them. Still noted as lump sum,all executive department stated their line item description.So it will become insertion.

  • df

    pdaf should not be implemented

  • Arphi

    Pagnaglabas ng RULING ang SC dapat TAGALOG katulad ng ilabas ang ruling ng PDAF, di naintindihan ng mga SENADOR kung UNCONSTITUTIONAL