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Tacloban mayor reveals being asked to resign

Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas, Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez, Manila Bulletin

Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas ordered Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez to resign.

Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez revealed that Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas ordered him to write a letter stating that he could no longer perform his functions as a mayor after super typhoon “Yolanda” destroyed his city.

In a televised Senate disaster hearing, Romualdez said his lawyer advised him not to write the letter that would seem like he was resigning.

When the national government took over the local government and decided what should be prioritized, Romualdez said, there was very minimal consultation with him. The mayor, a relative of former First Lady and now congresswoman Imelda Marcos and cousin to Sen. Bongbong Marcos, broke down in tears as he narrated the ordeal he and his people went through when the calamity struck.

Romualdez recalled that when Yolanda hit their area, there was no more land and everything was water. He said bodies were all over and there were practically no more roads.

He said they were not given the assistance they badly needed in Tacloban, even if he was already begging to the national government. He added that there was “never a rescue up to today.”

Romualdez said he was very frustrated because the reinforcement was not enough.

“What was so frustrating was there was no reinforcement. The focus was on relief goods. If you can muster enough security for President Aquino, why didn’t the national government spare some men to secure Tacloban?,” Romualdez asked.

He said there were soldiers on the ground but they couldn’t move without the Philippine National Police (PNP) under Roxas.

Romualdez then recommended that there must be a law that would define when and how the national government should come in during situations like what happened in Tacloban.

  • TrapongPinoy


  • TrapongPinoy


  • forcefinish

    Masayado kayong maraming alam. Palibhasa wala kayo don at wala kayong alam sa mga nangyayari doon. Nakarely lang kayo sa mga sinasabi ni Romualdez. Asan ba si Mayor noong panahon ng bagyo? Nasa resort nya!

    • gee ibanez

      I really don’t know if indeed he was in his resort. but to completely blame & rely to the national government every small thing that he can do himself is not setting a good example. he claims that no help came to his city from the national government but without the military coming from the national government he & his family were never saved. it’s the military that pulled him & his family out of that tragedy & pronto his family flew to the comforts of their makati posh property while his constituents were left hungry, abandoned & unprotected which he himself as a mayor sworn to take care & protect. now, who is unscrupulous???

      • justme

        I’m thinking he was being a family man first then his sworn position second. What would you think of him if he helped other people first then let his family die of hunger, trauma or what not? Would you think he would have been a better mayor then? I think it’s human nature that led him to put his family to safety first, right? I’m not from Tacloban, but i’m a Filipino and it’s disheartening to see policitians fight against each other for the worst reasons and seeing your comments continuously contradict the things you wanted to say against the Mayor and the people who believed in their leader to the things you’re saying about the government is sickening too. Your every description of the Mayor’s weaknesses and wrong doings ironically describes the Pinoy government too, does it tell you something? Both are in politics, both of these personalities know how to get the responses they need from the people, both have been a dynasty in this country but at the end of the day, who’s got nothing? The PEOPLE, and your information and thoughtless opinion is not helping any. Again, just saying.

      • Julyzki

        gee ibanez natutulog ka bah sa pansitan? The more you defending the lapses of the National Government. It gives idea to the people how blinded you are in the truth happenings to our country. You here you are trying to convinced us what we observed, commenting and see is wrong.

        His Administration too focuses hunting previous administration’s corruptions done. To the extent he the other priorities which is the Poverty, Education, Agriculture, and job opportunity.

    • justme

      san ba yung resort nya? think man!

  • tsarli

    no one can prepare for yolanda, even if we are a rich country similar effects is eminent. what bothers me is that the national government should have planned for rescue, road clearing, relief, etc. which is not a problem of the Mayor, DILG or by PNOY but of Defense department’s NDRRMC. by name National Disaster they should have advised and provided action options to all.

  • Shawn

    Let’s give a round of MIDDLE FINGER to Mar Roxas and BS Aquino!

  • Benigno Magtoto

    Walangyang scapegoat na mayor nayan.kung dito samin nangyari yan di ko na iboboto mayor namin kung isisisi lahat sa national govt ang nangyari.kahiya hiya talaga.

  • Benigno Magtoto

    Noytard or yellow zombies kami.ano namang tawag sa mga makamarcos.hmm ano kaya.marcostards,ill gotten wealth army,mga tirador.or bongtards.killing spree maniacs.ano kaya.

    • gee ibanez

      it’s very difficult to engage with an argument to those people who are not proactive. who thrives on pessimism & could not accept the cold truth about their delinquent local government officials. they will do everything to protect them coz they feel they are indebted to them instead of the other way around. so sad & frustrating that this are the kind of mindset most of our people have. instead of sticking to the facts they resort to personal attacks & lambasting. with the kind of language they use which are very offensive i pity this people. it all boils down to the kind of people they support. their mayor is their real life hero & their best role model i could understand that. their very language, nature & attitude will tell u exactly what are this kind of people u are dealing with. they are very selective & downright exclusive, biased to the core. well, can’t blame them coz they thrive on blind loyalty, landlordism type of mentality. they claim that no help came to them from the national government emulating the statement of their highly honorable & respectable mayor no less. that is the greatest failure of humanity, failing to realize how bless & privilege they are. not counting their blessings. criticizing the kind of help that’s flowing in their doorstep. come to think of it, all the rest of the world came together & helped them & are still helping them not just their local government & the national government. how i wish that we have the decency to be grateful for any kind of help bestowed on us. ilonggos, negrenses & capiznons even the cebuanos & bol-anons are grateful! they didn’t let any tragedy define them as a people, it’s how they gracefully rise & stand up out from this tragedy that defines them. no bickering, no whining, they just do their share to rebuild & recover. no help is considered too small every bit of it is valuable. that kind of state of mind is laudable!

      • oggie

        puede huwag ka na lang mag english english pa, ala naman kasing laman, kung sa camote pay ulalo ang nakukuha mo, super bobo ka, angkan ka siguro ni napoles, mga galamay kayo ni hudas histas at barabas. In short mga tsiwawa kayong mga hudas………..

      • amazon

        kesa mag dakdak ka dyan pumunta ka nalang doon sa tacloban para ikaw ang tacloban ng mga nagugutom lol

  • Manuel Jovellano


  • Jet

    I just want to give my reactions regarding to Mr. Roxas..MaR Roxas walang kasalanan ang mayor ng Tacloban bakit mo e blame sa kanya ang lahat na pagkakamali.Anu ang magawa ng mayor pagkatapos ng bagyo na siya mismo nasa trauma pa at walang mautusan .nako Mar roxas gamitin mo naman iyon g utak mo

  • zorro


    sinalanta na nga mga tao PULITKA 2016 mo lang iniisip mo

    DILG SECRETARY ka tpos sasabihan mo ganyan ang M<ayor na sinalanta na nga..